mic issues

  1. J

    Mic was once recognized, but now is only recognized when Spatial sound is activated...

    Ok, I've looked and looked and have found no answers to what could be going wrong here. Everything was working fine, then one day I start up OBS and my mic wasn't being recognized. The other audio was all being recognized though. I hadn't change any settings in either windows, OBS, or my...
  2. F

    there is an echo of mic only on SPEAKERS

    allright. i would like to ask about my problems. so i have a mic that working really well.. (the voice) if i use an earphone yet. if i use a internal speakers the voice is so echo. also if i do voice calling with my buddies. they got the same problems of my voice.. working well on earphone and...
  3. A

    My mic isn't picked up during recordings, but shows up in the audio mixer

    Logs: https://obsproject.com/logs/LvutAr-mX0sp78TY My headset mic isn't in my recordings, even though it shows up in my audio mixer. My mic has worked in the past but recently it just hasn't worked. I checked that PTT was off and that the right mic was selected but nothing that I could see was...
  4. W

    Mic quality in obs is bad for no reason

    I need your help, I can't get a good mic quality in OBS. In Audacity, the mic sounds fine. When I monitor my mic in OBS, it sounds fine, but when I record or stream the quality disappear. I made sure my webcam was not being used as an audio input and I even unplugged it to be sure. Here's a...
  5. orphicninja

    Mic / Aux is being detected and can be heard when monitoring but isn't outputted to streams and recordings

    So I have a blue yeti and i can use it in discord and other apps and it all works perfectly. But when i try use it in OBS, the Audio Mixer shows it is being detected as the green bar is bouncing up and down as i speak and if i put the audio monitoring and output on, i can hear myself speak. When...
  6. S

    Need Help With Streaming Audios I Have No Headset/Just Basic Headphones W Mic

    Hey guys I’ve been struggling all night with this. I personally have a pair of Skullcandy headphones (wire ones- not headphones that you wear on your head but ones you stick in your ears). Anyways I have utilized “iShowU Audio Capture” with my app “Audio MIDI Setup” and at first when I followed...
  7. E

    My mic isnt showing up?

    So i have a RIG Headset with a Microphone attached to it. I wanted to select that mic in Settings<Audio<devices. I looked but there wasnt any mic, only from the laptop. Here is the Log file if that helps: https://obsproject.com/logs/_gx9YwB5f3R9DmRk
  8. V

    Audio Issue with Elgato HD60s

    I'm having an issue in OBS with regards to an Elgato capture card and my microphone input that I can't seem to find any information about. The issue is that OBS automatically picks my microphone input instead of the Elgato input for sound. Meaning that in the audio mixer I have both my...
  9. S

    Question / Help Robotic Sounding Voice

    Hi guys. I've been recording videos and apparently, everytime it records me sounding like a robot. The solution for this is to unplug and replug in the mic. However, I'd like to solve the cause of the problem. I'm using a Samsong Q2u mic on Windows 10 and am using the latest version of OBS...
  10. C

    Question / Help mic sounds terrible when recording but sounds fine when listening back through a mic test

    hey, so when recording my mic through OBS it sounds tinny and a little distorted but when i do a mic test and record the desktop audio. ill link a video that shows the difference in quality when they are both using the same mic. https://streamable.com/fdmqy
  11. C

    Question / Help Slight echo sound when recording

    Hi! This is my first post on here, so i apologize if formatting or anything is wrong! As my title says, I am receiving a very slight echo sound to where words can be heard basically right under themselves. I use a razer seiren x as my mic, and it hadn't done this before today. Recently I...
  12. L

    Question / Help Arctic 5 mic not affected by filters or even the blue side bar

    noise gates, audio gain, the blue slide bar, even the mute button next to it doesn't affect the output level of the mic logfile: https://obsproject.com/logs/q73kCQoz1cEM3J-S Link to the headset if it helps at all: https://steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/arctis-5
  13. HelpMe123

    Question / Help Microphone records corrupted sound

    Platform: Windows 10 Pro (version 10.0.18363, x64 system type) Mirophone: The microphone's company is "Creative" and the mic version is VF0790. It is connected to the computer as a regular USB, and doesn't require any drivers to be installed. OBS version: 24.0.3 Description: Everything was fine...
  14. XxsjrapsxX

    Question / Help Problem with xlr mic

    so i got an xlr mic runnin through an audio interface known as the behringer um2 and i want to get it to work in obs, but for some reason, it only displays it as a line in, and when i attempt to talk, it shows no movement at all, why is that? And, if anyone knows how to fix it, how can i do so...
  15. P

    Question / Help Low Mic Audio?

    what can I do if my mic volume (doesn't happen with desktop audio) is really low when recording (obs studio) even if my friends on discord or in game chat can hear me completely fine? when I add extra dBs it also adds weird noises. I didn't include a log file because I don't think it is needed...
  16. L

    Question / Help Is my Macbook Pro garbage? Audio Issues

    Hey! I made an account just so I could try to get some feedback on whether or not my computer is just not made for streaming. First off, I think I know a little bit about computers but I'll probably come to find out I know next to nothing. I stream through Mixer from my Macbook Pro using an...
  17. T

    Question / Help Microphone getting suppressed by desktop audio while streaming games on obs.

    Hello Everyone, so I'm fairly new to the streaming scene and i'm using Acer Predator Helios 300 (laptop) to livestream my gameplay on youtube. The video quality of my streams are excellent but it is the audio part where my streams are lagging behind. The problem is related to the microphone i.e...
  18. L

    Question / Help Problems with the mic

    Hey all! I need help fixing this, at least for me, rare issue. I have a new monitor (BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P ) that I connected with my notebook (Lenovo Legion Y720) with this DisplayPort Cable. I played Fortnite and I didn't had any issue while playing it and chatting with my squad teammates, and...
  19. S

    Question / Help Keyboard sounds while streaming

    I recently decided to start streaming Osu (a rythm game), but I have a problem, which is that after trying all I could, I can't remove the sound from the hits on my keyboard. It appears my mic detects my voice and the hits around the same volume (-25dB), so it is very hard to hear my voice but...
  20. T

    Question / Help No Mic Audio

    I haven't found any posts about microphone issues and I am sure there is a few, but I must have not looked hard enough, but I need some help. I have been through every setting possible and I cannot get OBS to capture any of my microphones audio. I have messed with windows settings and OBS...