Mic was once recognized, but now is only recognized when Spatial sound is activated...

Johnathan Lewis

New Member
Ok, I've looked and looked and have found no answers to what could be going wrong here. Everything was working fine, then one day I start up OBS and my mic wasn't being recognized. The other audio was all being recognized though. I hadn't change any settings in either windows, OBS, or my audio interface settings. Here is what is currently set, mind you, every program on my computer is recognizing the microphone and interface correctly, only OBS isnt:

-Privacy settings are turned on for the mic
-OBS Audio settings are set to the correct mic (in my case Digital Audio Interface (2- Line 6 UX 1))
-OBS Adv Audio Properties are set to "Status:Active", "Audio Monitoring: Monitor and Output", "Tracks: 1 & 2"

Windows settings:
"Input: Digital Audio Interface (2- Line 6 UX 1)"

Maybe you all can help me with this. When I turn on spatial sound, the mic is recognized, but then all other audio isn't recognized. I'm a bit frustrated at this point, considering it was ALL working before and I have no idea what made the change that caused this issue. Thanks for helping out!

Here is the log: https://obsproject.com/logs/gFjs2juJUl_LLpiz