Mic quality in obs is bad for no reason


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I need your help, I can't get a good mic quality in OBS. In Audacity, the mic sounds fine. When I monitor my mic in OBS, it sounds fine, but when I record or stream the quality disappear. I made sure my webcam was not being used as an audio input and I even unplugged it to be sure. Here's a video where you can hear OBS vs Audacity. https://youtu.be/O5cphQeyRW0

Log file here

Thank you


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I was having this same problem and couldn't find any answers, so I did some experimenting, and found two causes for my problem:
  • My mic audio was set to +20 dB (yes, plus, not minus). When I turned it down to 0 dB, the quality improved greatly. So, I decided to keep the mic at 0 dB and apply a Gain filter for 20 dB instead, and the quality stayed fine (which is weird, because I remember testing these two options for mic quality several months ago and finding the opposite result).
  • My noise suppression filter was set to "Speex (lower CPU usage)". Changing it to "RNNoise (higher quality)" also improved the quality.
After changing those two things, my mic quality in OBS is much more acceptable, though still not as good as in Audacity.