microphone bug

  1. J

    External Microphone sounds so bad. Was completely fine on my last laptop

    Hi there, I have a Samson Q2U and worked completely fine on my old Acer laptop. I now have a Flow x16 (2023). Tried to record through OBS studio with the same setting as my last laptop but it sounds horrible. Audio was muffled and sounded like a cheap webcam microphone. I read a few posts...
  2. Quadragintillion

    OBS recording microphone, but it does not exist in the scene

    I have a scene with absolutely NO AUDIO, and yet my OBS is recording my voice and saving it in the recording. I even muted it in all the other scenes, but it still records it.
  3. yakoo

    Microphone problem.

    Hi. I`m using beringer audio card and i have problem with my mic. On disable position OBS detecting microphone volume. But on enable position OBS dont detect its. Help pls P.S. My english not good, sorry
  4. R

    the webcam image freezes as soon as i plug the microphone into OBS Studio

    Hello everyone. The day before yesterday I had decided to record a video offstream but, as the title suggests, as soon as I inserted the microphone, the image immediately froze. My microphone is the one found in this Amazon listing, with a USB 2.0 cable (the most basic and low-priced thing of...
  5. E

    Twitch can't hear me unless I "Monitor and Output" my Microphone

    For the record, everything was working perfectly fine until a few days ago. So, I know that my microphone was setup properly and I hadn't touched anything in OBS. When I'm talking into the microphone, OBS looks like it's detecting everything just fine (I can see the sound coming through on the...
  6. V

    I can't Hear my microphone audio on mobile (on stream or during videos) but i can hear my mic fine on everything else

    So i have ran into this problem for the past few months where during streams and posting YouTube videos i will check my stream on PC, everything sounds fine, on console, everything is fine but if i go onto my twitch app and check my stream i can hear game play but not my microphone audio. The...
  7. M

    Microphone detected but not recorded

    Hi, First, please excuse my English, it's not my native language, so I'll do my best to be clear ! I'm encountering a strange issue with OBS: Even if my microphone (a USB Blue Yeti) is displayed and seem to capture the ambient sounds in the audio mixer, when I record a video and play it back...
  8. N

    Audio bug with newer OBS version causes audio crackling, choppy mic or mic stuttering multiple time a second, OBS unusable with higher quality mics?

    For most of 2020 there have been posts about this bug on this forum and reddit etc. It seems that OBS just does not like higher quality microphones and no fix has been presented. Users who add a mic, especially higher end usb or even shotgun microphones fed via XLR find that their stream and...
  9. W

    Mic quality in obs is bad for no reason

    I need your help, I can't get a good mic quality in OBS. In Audacity, the mic sounds fine. When I monitor my mic in OBS, it sounds fine, but when I record or stream the quality disappear. I made sure my webcam was not being used as an audio input and I even unplugged it to be sure. Here's a...
  10. F

    will Boya BY-M1 mic works with stream?

    Hi! I want to stream for the first time with OBS. I don't have my own microphone yet but my friend has a Boya BY-M1 mic. Will it works with OBS on Mac?
  11. M

    Question / Help mic not working in OBS

    hi team, my mic is not working OBS was able to record my mic well up till today - what was different was I used OBS to record a session of ZOOM meeting that i had - once that was done, OBS was not working for my own recording (not stream) - the zoom was a "listen only" zoom where i did not...
  12. J

    Question / Help Mic problems

    So i changed my settings to Press to Talk and i've been doing live gaming for a time now. I noticed some noise when i dont use my mic. I have a video and in the first 5 seconds you can hear a sound and at 6 seconds you can hear me testing the mic. There is a noise i can hear when i watched the...
  13. V

    Question / Help Audio Problems When Opening OBS since Win10 Update

    Hello! I've been having a weird issue with my audio everytime I open OBS Studio. Somehow, everytime I open it, it affects my whole computer and deteriorates my overall sound quality of my computer. The Output becomes grainy and my microphone input does some weird glitch-like noises mixed with...
  14. I

    Question / Help Mic randomly going robot/Distorted. Have to unplug mixer to fix..

    https://clips.twitch.tv/EncouragingGeniusTriangleTriHard This clip shows what happens when I randomly go robot. I have to unplug my mixer in order to have a crisp sound again. This happens randomly and can happen multiple times during the stream. PLEASE HELP!! Specs: i7-8700 @3.20GHz 16GB DDR4...
  15. HastaMasta

    Question / Help Sound recording in OBS only on the left side

    Hello everyone , I recently encountered a problem..... sound recording in OBS only on the left side. I have a Steinberg ur12 audiointerface and a condenser microphone BM 800. In Skype,Discord, and DAWs micro works good in stereo, but in OBS it works incorrectly signal is received on the left...