Microphone detected but not recorded

Mr Pioupiou

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First, please excuse my English, it's not my native language, so I'll do my best to be clear !

I'm encountering a strange issue with OBS:
Even if my microphone (a USB Blue Yeti) is displayed and seem to capture the ambient sounds in the audio mixer, when I record a video and play it back, the mic is not recorded (no issue with the desktop sound)

The log file I attached to this post is telling a lot of stuff but I think I found something inside that might be a clue :
"[WASAPISource::TryInitialize]:[Microphone (Yeti Stereo Microphone)] Failed to activate client context: 88890004"

Here is a list of a few things I already checked :
  1. I only need to record a window and this mic.
  2. I'm recording in mp4 with the good amount of audio channels and the audio sources are on the right output channels
  3. The drivers are up to date
  4. All applications are allowed to use the mic (the "exclusivity" is disabled)
  5. OBS audio frequency is the same required for the mic (48 kHz)
  6. Switching from NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (new) to x264 encoder doesn't seem to change anything
  7. The mic is set as the default mic in Windows 10's audio settings
  8. Reinstalling OBS doesn't seem to change anything
I changed so many settings I hope the log file is still somehow useful.
Thanks a lot for taking the time to help me, I really hope that you can find the solution to this mess !


Mr Pioupiou

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I found a solution. It Might not be the best but at least it's now working :
Uninstall OBS v 28.1.1 with custom settings
Clear all remaining files with CCleaner
Install OBS v26.0.0-rc3 64bit as admin
No need to reboot .


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i tried eveeerything possible...could you maybe provide a link with the obs version.
Thank you so much in advanced