Question / Help Audio Problems When Opening OBS since Win10 Update


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Hello! I've been having a weird issue with my audio everytime I open OBS Studio. Somehow, everytime I open it, it affects my whole computer and deteriorates my overall sound quality of my computer. The Output becomes grainy and my microphone input does some weird glitch-like noises mixed with grainy sounds. All my setting are at 48k audio with a 16 bit depth and 256 buffer rate.

I'm using a Rode NTA-1 Condenser Mic (uses _48 phantom power) plugged into a M-Audio M-Track Plus (MKII) Audio Interface.

Here's the weird noise in question (the vod is black, just the audio) :

I did not have this problem before updating to Windows 10 a month ago. I was using Windows 7.

The moment I close OBS though, everything goes back to normal and all the audio input and output problems go away. Any help?

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I double-checked and the problem only happens with OBS Studios when it's open. I tried with OBS Classic and it does not affect my audio whatsoever, so what in OBS Studios affects the audio of my computer?


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Honestly not sure. I don't see anything obvious in the log in the way of misconfiguration. The sound itself sounds like the kind of leakage you get in some sound cards that aren't shielded. I would try experimenting with audio captures and monitoring settings and see if you can isolate it.


If a Hardware makes trouble after a Windows update
Stop search on 100 Points for the Problem
Uninstall the device driver and Install the Original newest drivers
in 9.998 of 10.000 times windows replaced the driver or broke driver settings
if the sounds works in Basic mode means not that the driver is OK it only means the Basic mode works
so save time and uninstall and install All audio drivers (Sound Card+external USB sound hardware)
all is important to erase that as error sources