Twitch can't hear me unless I "Monitor and Output" my Microphone


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For the record, everything was working perfectly fine until a few days ago. So, I know that my microphone was setup properly and I hadn't touched anything in OBS.

When I'm talking into the microphone, OBS looks like it's detecting everything just fine (I can see the sound coming through on the Audio Mixer). However, chat can't hear me at all. It wasn't until I switched my microphone to "Monitor and Output" to where I could hear myself and THAT played through my "Desktop Audio" that they could hear me.

My microphone is set as the default on my PC, so I tried switching to "Default" in OBS, but then it doesn't pick up anything. So, I have to have my microphone selected and I have to be hearing my own voice in my headphones for it to be picked up through my "Desktop Audio". Even though OBS seems like the microphone is working properly, it doesn't come through to chat.

I tried reinstalling my microphone and updating drivers. I tried uninstalling OBS and reinstalling. Nothing's worked so far and I haven't found anything on Google with these issues.

Attaching pictures for reference.


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