Mic Audio Issues (echo)


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I'm getting a constant mic feedback with slight latency and its driving me crazy. In advanced audio settings everything is set to monitor off. All correct devices are set to use. Idk whats left to try, the echo seem to be inherent to Call of Duty: War Zone. I've messed with system settings, game settings and OBS settings and nothing seems to work. Worst part is the echo shows up on stream as well. At first I tried muting mic in OBS because I thought it was picking up my mic directly and then with a slight delay it was picking up my mic in game audio but even that didnt fix it. I honestly have no idea where the issue is even coming from.

(EDIT): It actually is inherent to OBS, even with just OBS, no game or anything open I am getting the MIC echo. I can upload more screen grabs if needed.


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