mic echo

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    Discord coming through mic

    My friend started streaming on twitch but my voice is coming through his mic & desktop audio on stream but his game is not , haven't been able to find a fix considering we both stream with the same obs settings (almost) and have the same headset. Any idea how to fix this ? here's his log file...
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    Audio in my stream has echo, Mic volume since to be affecting the output from PS4

    Hi Everyone! So below are my settings for [Advanced Audio Properties] and [Video Properties for 'Video Capture Device] . I've actually spent quite some time figuring this settings out, months of trying, if I'm not being exhagerated. When I finally got to work my Audio and Mic, here's what's...
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    Mic Audio Issues (echo)

    I'm getting a constant mic feedback with slight latency and its driving me crazy. In advanced audio settings everything is set to monitor off. All correct devices are set to use. Idk whats left to try, the echo seem to be inherent to Call of Duty: War Zone. I've messed with system settings, game...
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    there is an echo of mic only on SPEAKERS

    allright. i would like to ask about my problems. so i have a mic that working really well.. (the voice) if i use an earphone yet. if i use a internal speakers the voice is so echo. also if i do voice calling with my buddies. they got the same problems of my voice.. working well on earphone and...
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    Question / Help Slight echo sound when recording

    Hi! This is my first post on here, so i apologize if formatting or anything is wrong! As my title says, I am receiving a very slight echo sound to where words can be heard basically right under themselves. I use a razer seiren x as my mic, and it hadn't done this before today. Recently I...
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    Question / Help Can't hear Desktop audio when recording with mic? Also static / echo.

    Hello, I seem to be having issues with my Audio sources when using OBS. I am able to record desktop audio as well as mic, but when I record I can't hear the desktop myself. Also, I can hear myself talking when I record as well as some static and it's a bit annoying. I have desktop audio set to...
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    Question / Help AUDIO/ECHO PROBLEM

    Hello,I have a sound problem.When i use OBS and stream I have echo on microphone and desktop audio...I reboot my computer,deinstall headphones from device manager and nothing...I tried with other headset and its same.But when i talk and mute desktop audio in OBS echo disappears,unmute and echo...
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    Question / Help Echoing Mic

    I looked through a ton of youtube videos to fixing this but ITS STILL ECHOING! PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Question / Help Mic Echo

    My desktop audio picks up my mic and capture card audio so it echos. How do I fix it? I have twitch muted when I'm streaming so it's not audio play back or anything.