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Hi everyone! I am fairly new to OBS and to streaming in general. I actually just started when COVID hit the US back in March. We are streaming our church services now every week and for a while I had no issues with dropped frames. Each stream is around an hour and a half and for a while we would barely drop any frames at all throughout the whole stream. But the past two weeks we have been dropping frames like crazy. We never get below like 20% dropped frames and the stream is laggy. YouTube even gives me the error "YouTube is not receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming. As such, viewers will experience buffering." The only thing we changed is that we started using OpenLP program a few weeks ago to project our lyrics to screens in the sanctuary but that program barely uses any CPU or internet as far as we can tell. And my frames issue did not begin when we installed OpenLP so I assume the two are not connected.

Specs and settings wise we are streaming on an HP laptop through Spectrum wifi (which I am already considering changing to a wired connection). Our usual internet speed tests anywhere between 30-80 gbps depending on the time of day and other devices connected. The laptop is running windows 10 and it has an intel i7 10th gen processor and an intel iris plus graphics card. My base resolution is 1920x1080 60fps but I changed the output to 1280x720 to possibly fix the frame issue and to help take some load off the internet. I had the bitrate at 4500 but that didn't seem to help so I've lowered it twice. Once to 3500, which didn't help, and then to 3000 now which also hasn't really helped much. I read online I can go as low as 1500 but I don't know how bad that will affect my video quality. It doesn't have to be beautiful crisp 4k but I would like it to be as high as I can get it without any dropped frames or internet stalls. I also have the encoder preset set to ultrafast and the process priority high. It shows it's using around 12.1% CPU.

So, after all that word vomit, my question is what else can I do to fix these dropped frames? It is really affecting our stream output. Last week's service the first twenty minutes were choppy and then the video just froze completely and the audio kept going. Also, if you need any more settings/spec information I will provide it as soon as I can!

Thanks in advance.

Log file:


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17:12:34.380: [rtmp stream: 'simple_stream'] Interface: Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX201 160MHz (802.11, 487 mbps)
Stop streaming over wifi.
Dropped frames are always a network issue. Wifi is NOT a replacement for a network cable. It's extremely prone to interference, and is meant for lightweight content consumption on mobile devices, not constant-throughput reliant applications like livestreaming. Get a cable.