Question / Help trying to play at 1440p90fps and stream at 900p60fps


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Hey guys im sorta new here so please let me know if i need to give more info or have posted in the wrong place about the wrong thing!

2080 super
i7 8700k OC'd to ~4.2ghz i forget

I am currently trying to play Apex Legends at 1440p90fps (i would like 120fps if possible) and stream at 900p60fps to twitch but i keep getting skipped frames. Im not sure if im just asking for to much from my system or if i have something set incorrectly. i really dont want to drop down below playing at 1440p90fps but im fine lowering some graphical qualities possibly. Am i asking for to much? any help would be appreciated! i have attached a picture of my slobs settings and logs from an 8hr test stream in which i tried locking frames at both 120fps and 90fps

2080 super
i7 8700k OC'd to ~4.2ghz i forget


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This forum is for OBS Studio users only (not SLOBS).

But I will say this ...

If you want 120 FPS at 1440p, you need to go to Advanced settings and turn them down to None or Low