skipped frames

  1. A

    OBS skippin' & missin' frames when I'm in a Discord call

    Hi! I'm getting frames missed due to rendering lag, and frames skipped due to encoding lag, but this only happens when I'm in a Discord voice call* at the same time. Oh yeah, it also made my game hiccup now and then. Any suggestions? I'm already...
  2. B

    Switching Scenes is causing glitchyness in video OBS

    I was trying to record a video where I switch between my game and a browser which I've done in the past but this time it caused the video to be glitchy. I tried to switch to a webcam instead of a browser same issue. Even when I restart my PC the issue continues. IM also using an Elgato stream...
  3. Full Pay Gaming

    Skipped and missed frames on 2 pc set up!?!?

    I have a 2 pc setup. So only thing Im doing on streaming pc is streaming, so super confused why I am having skipped and missed frames. Have a Ryzen 3900k with 1080ti in my streaming pc. Mainly it was skipped frames, but pretty sure I seen missed frames section red before stopping stream. It...
  4. D

    Skipped frames with low cpu usage on x264 encoder.

    I am having issues with skipped frames on x264 even though my CPU usage is 4% on the OBS stats panel, and with the task manager the CPU output is less than 8%. I did a bunch of live stream tests on a private twitch account and I was able to get everything to run smoothly on the Slow preset with...
  5. B

    OBS skipped frames con 15 minutos de delay!!!

    Hello I often play a game that I need this delay. The OBS is perfectly configured in 936p quality with 60fps. NVENC encoder with High profile. When I put the delay of 15 minutes at the time to be doing live starts to skip frames. I have 1GB symmetric internet and a very good computer.
  6. A

    I've clicked on stop recording then after a couple of minutes clicked on stopping recording.

    I've clicked on stop recording then after a couple of minutes clicked on stopping recording. is there any way to restore the unsaved record I'm recording in .mkv and here is the log file
  7. Y

    Dual stream setup having skipped frames/rendering lag

    why am i having skipped frames if my pc looks like it has good enough components? This is my last log from a 2 hour stream i just did
  8. L

    Suddenly started experiencing skipped frames due to encoding lag (log included)

    Hi! The title pretty much says it all, lol. This is a very recent issue. I've been streaming for a few weeks, and I haven't had any encoding issues, but my last two streams have had some encoding lag. I don't really notice it in game, but when watching the stream back, it's definitely obvious...
  9. C

    OBS Skipping Frames with Capture Card

    Basically when I stream OBS skips frames every 2-3 seconds which happens consistently. The stats on OBS don't show any frames getting skipped so not sure what is happening especially since if I stream with Elgato's software the skip doesn't happen. Issue is highly annoying since it's non-stop...
  10. M

    Encoding overload and skipped frames with capable computer.

    Hello, hope everyone is having a good day and my apologies if there are any typos. Ever since I started using OBS, which is around 2 years ago, this issue has always bothered me and I want to fix it or figure it out once and for all, so any help would be greatly appreciated and I will provide...
  11. GreenComfyTea

    OBS Lua OBS Stats on Stream v2.1

    OBS Stats on Stream The script allow to show OBS stats on stream as Text Source and/or print in chat. Supported data: Date and time; Encoder; Output mode; Canvas resolution; Output resolution; Missed frames due to rendering lag; Skipped frames due to encoding lag; Dropped frames; Congestion...
  12. H

    How to stop choppy local recording v26.1.1?

    I have an old computer and monitor and nothing's being upgraded/purchased so I need options that work with what I've got. I picked an old game I know skips in recording to use as a reference for the log. The game has no graphics options. My gameplay is smooth, it's just the capture that skips...
  13. B

    Skipped frames due to encoding lag, some missed frames too

    Hi i have tried everything i think but I just can't get my recordings to work ever since the season 2 COD cold war/warzone update. I'm also getting the "encoding overloaded" message. here are some logs of my attempts:
  14. CH40TIC_M4YH3M

    Skipped Frames While Recording (Streamlabs OBS)

    I'm trying to record some warzone but I'm having an issue where the recordings are choppy in some areas. I looked at the logs and some of them have skipped frames up to 5%. I play in 1080p but record in 1440p to abuse YouTubes vp9 rules. I use Intel Quicksync to record on my i9-9900k and play...
  15. Y

    0kb/s when streaming certain games

    Hey, I recently got into streaming some games on my twitch. The problem I have: many games kill my uploadspeed. When I stream Minecraft or for example Chess, Colonist etc. (so rather simple games) my connection works fine. No matter what I do. If I then start streaming games like Overwatch...
  16. R

    Obs Studio uses more upload than it should

    Hello, I've had problems with my old internet provider so I changed it. Today is the first day I am using their internet. Speedtest is fine, everything is looking normal but when I am trying to stream obs studio uses more than it should be using. My speed test results are all fine. I included...
  17. S

    Question / Help Stream is skipping frames, but no frames are being dropped.

    Whenever I try to stream CoD MW on PC, the stream seems to skip frames you can see an example of it happening in this timestamp. On twitch and OBS everything is green across the board, no dropped frames or anything, so I'm not sure what the...
  18. M

    Question / Help trying to play at 1440p90fps and stream at 900p60fps

    Hey guys im sorta new here so please let me know if i need to give more info or have posted in the wrong place about the wrong thing! Specs: 2080 super i7 8700k OC'd to ~4.2ghz i forget I am currently trying to play Apex Legends at 1440p90fps (i would like 120fps if possible) and stream at...
  19. M

    Question / Help Borderlands 2 HUGE Lagged/Dropped Frames

    Hello everyone! I'm having a problem with recording Borderlands 2. It's been a pain to try and get this damn thing to work. Basically, whenever I record a video of it, I get a huge amount of dropped frames. I have a log attached to it. Basically, I don't know what the hell is going on. Every...
  20. M

    Question / Help I've tried everything

    I record Overwatch gameplay, and I'm satesfied with the quality, but it's kind of laggy. It skips quite a lot of frames, and I've asked multiple questions here and I've never quite gotten the problem fixed, so here I am again, asking you guys for help :) Last log file...