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OBS Stats on Stream

The script allow to show OBS stats on stream as Text Source and/or print in chat.

Supported data:
  1. Date and time;
  2. Encoder;
  3. Output mode;
  4. Canvas resolution;
  5. Output resolution;
  6. Missed frames due to rendering lag;
  7. Skipped frames due to encoding lag;
  8. Dropped frames;
  9. Congestion;
  10. Average frame time;
  11. FPS;
  12. Memory usage;
  13. CPU cores;
  14. CPU usage;
  15. Streaming and Recording Duration;
  16. Audio Bitrate;
  17. Recording Bitrate;
  18. Bitrate.
How to use
  1. Download the script.
  2. Unzip the .zip archive.
  3. Add a text source to your scene. This source will be used to display the data.
  4. Open Tools -> Scripts. Add the OBS-Stats-on-Stream.lua script.
  5. Configure the script.
    • If you don't need Bot functionality, uncheck Enable Bot mark.
    • Update Delay determines how often the data will be updated. 1000 ms means once a second. 100 ms means 10 times a second.
    • Bot Delay determines how often the bot will read chat and write to it.
    • Enter bot's (or your own) nickname in Bot Nickname field.
    • Enter OAuth Password for the bot's (or your own) twitch account. You can get it here: click.
    • Enter Channel Nickname your bot gonna join (it gonna accept commands from this chat and print there). PLEASE, ONLY JOIN YOUR OWN CHANNEL. DO NOT TRY TO JOIN OTHER CHANNELS.
    • Link your created text source.
    • Modify Text Formatting if needed. all $name are variables and are replaced with actual values.
  6. You are ready to go!
NOTE: If you don't need Text Source functionality, you don't need to add a text source and link it in the script.
NOTE: If you don't need Bot functionality, you can use Enable Bot checkbox to disable it. You also don't need to type Nickname and OAuth Password in that case.

Big thanks to jammehcow for helping me with figuring out Socket functionality in Lua!

OBS Docs are very confusing. If you want to contribute feel free to message me, make a pull request or open an issue!
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Latest updates

  1. Release v2.1

    Fixed the script not working on OS X); Fixed Reset Formatting Button not working; Increased...
  2. Release v2.0

    Massive Architectural Overhaul. Half of the script is rewritten. Should provide more stability...
  3. Fix

    Fix NaN in json.

Latest reviews

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It works very well and is nice to have. Read the Doc and is easy to format the display. Thanks lot für your work!
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