OBS Stats on Stream

he script allow to display certain technical data on stream.

Supported data:
  1. Missed frames due to rendering lag;
  2. Skipped frames due to encoding lag;
  3. Dropped frames;
  4. Congestion;
  5. Average frame time;
  6. Memory usage;
  7. Bitrate;
  8. FPS.
How to use
  1. Download the script.
  2. Add a text source to your scene. This source will be used to display the data.
  3. Open Tools -> Scripts. Add the script.
  4. Configure the script.
    • Output Mode must match the OBS encoder mode. Check it by going OBS -> Settings -> Output -> Output Mode (on the very top).
    • Update Delay determines how often the data will be updated. 1000 ms means once a second. 100 ms means 10 times a second.
    • Choose the name of your created text source.
    • Modify Text Formatting if needed. all $name are variables and are replaced with actual values.
  5. You are ready to go!
  • Print the data in chat triggered by a command !obsstats. ---> is it even possible?
OBS Docs are very confusing. If you want to contribute feel free to message me, make a pull request or open an issue!
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Latest updates

  1. Release v0.5

    Implemented custom text formatting.
  2. Release v0.4

    Bug fixes. Implemented Average frame time, Memory usage, Bitrate and FPS.
  3. Release v0.3

    Now works when not streaming. Added Enable Script checkbox.