0kb/s when streaming certain games


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I recently got into streaming some games on my twitch. The problem I have: many games kill my uploadspeed. When I stream Minecraft or for example Chess, Colonist etc. (so rather simple games) my connection works fine. No matter what I do. If I then start streaming games like Overwatch, Apex Legends or RISK (also a simple game), my upload inmediatly drops to 0kb/s, with rare peaks at around 1000kb/s. I don't think it'sdue to the servers (Testing my connection when running Minecraft leads to 2500kb/s, testing it when running Overwatch or Risk leads to 100-200kb/s). I have tried most common tips (lowering Bitrate, Changing Servers, Updating OBS, turning off Antivirus, running as Administrator etc.) I do have the same problem on Discord and Streamlabs OBS, where certain games just kill my internet (It is also a problem with offline games for example Blair Witch). Also, recording rather high performance games doesn't lead to any mayor problems. (It is a little pixelated but definitely better than what I get from streaming it) My ping ingame is perfeclty fine too.
Does anybody have tips that might help me?

https://obsproject.com/logs/aaITMnP81i1LPWgC (This was after like 7 mins of streaming, I only once got the Logs to call a critical error stating that I'm skipping 99% of frames)
Thanks for any kind of help!


You have dynamic bitrate set in your Network settings. OBS is dropping the bitrate to near 0 Kb/s levels:
04:01:03.866: [rtmp stream: 'adv_stream'] bitrate decreased to: 1800
04:01:15.599: [rtmp stream: 'adv_stream'] bitrate decreased to: 200

I'm afraid that if you are using dynamic bitrate to prevent dropped frames, it isn't going to help your cause in delivering output that is even going to be seen by your viewers. I assume that even if you disabled dynamic bitrate, it will resort to you dropping frames.

*** You need to get a better Internet service provider and higher speed plan that can deliver much higher upload speed and is not being throttled. ***

To stream high animation games with high FPS, you need bitrates well above 5000 to have a chance of delivering a decent quality stream at 720p. At 1080p, at least 6000, but more like 9000.

  • 720p @ 60fps:: 5000 bitrate = 5Mbps
  • 1080p @ 60fps:: 6000 bitrate = 6Mbps minimum (even better at 9000+ bitrate = 9Mbps+)