Obs Studio uses more upload than it should


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I've had problems with my old internet provider so I changed it. Today is the first day I am using their internet. Speedtest is fine, everything is looking normal but when I am trying to stream obs studio uses more than it should be using. My speed test results are all fine. I included their picture in the attached files.
The problem in detail is, if my bitrate is 4000 or higher, in time, it starts using my full upload speed for some reason, which is 8mb, included in attached files. I don't know whether this is a problem by my internet provider or obs studio. If I am using 3500 bitrate some spikes are happenning which is also included in the attached files. If this is a problem by obs, what can I do to prevent? Settings should be in attached files too.
I manuelly found and uploaded the log files. One of them is for 3500bitrate while the other (the later recorded one) is for 4000 bitrate.
I hope someone can help me, I really need help asap as I have to stream in almost 2 hours...


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