Strange behaviour with multi-monutor setup


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I have a zenbook pro duo (ux582) laptop with nvidia 3070 gpu.
I use it with both screen on, together with 2 external monitor.

When I run obs, locating the OBS window in the main laptop monitor, task manager tells me that gpu 0 (the intel integrated one) reaches 70% usage . This value is crazy.

However, If i move the obs window to the 3rd or 4th external monitors (one of them is 1440p and the other 2160p), the gpu0 reach a reasonable value of 20% usage.



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Uh, Intel GPU isn't as powerful as the 3070, and external monitors connected to 3070 GPU??
You are right: I've connected the external monitor to the usb-c instead of the hdmi (so managed by the integrated intel graphics) , and gpu usage is the same.
In any case, I'm still surprised by the values reached in gpu 0 in this case (checked through windows task manager):
it reaches very easily 70% of usage! Considering that obs encoding/ decoding functionalities are demanded to my 3070 , and that such values are while I'm not recording, no live, a no virtual camera, I think that such usage is due for just for displaying obs interface in the monitor.

Just to be detailed:
I refer to a scene with an external capture card at 1080 and 60 fps , and a webcam also at 1080 and 60 fps. they are the same of the scene that I'm going to record

I've set obs in high performance in windows grapic options, and hardware acceleration is on.

So my question is: maybe those high values are related to some window resize option, of the OS?