Odd GPU usage and leaks while on a 4090


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Ever since I built this rig, I have been having issues with my OBS. I don't know if I got some bunk part somewhere or if its software related or what, but I have been ripping my hair out over this for the better part of a month. There have been a few people online who have had similar issues, but they never end in a resolution, so I'm hoping we can solve it here.

Occasionally, my OBS will decide to use more GPU than it needs to. Without any changes to my scenes, I can run my OBS one day averaging 30% GPU and then run Diablo 4 and everything is smooth, then other days I can fire up stream and OBS is using 45-60% average, jumping on what seems to be a clock, like every 5 or so seconds it ticks up real high then back down and running Diablo causes WICKED lag.

I have tried everything. Here's just some of the options incase anyone's wondering:
1. Tried hardware acceleration on windows both on and off. On works better, but once a day my stream completely freezes and drops to 0 kbps, but still acts like its working and doesn't crash.
2. Changed Physx from CPU to GPU to Choose. Nothing.
3. Run as admin, dont. Same issue.
4. Encoding doesn't change anything.
5. Updated drivers
6. Updated OBS
7. Changed my power modes and disabled PCIe Power management.
8. Running with BAR on or off.
9. Running with Game mode on or off.
10. Reinstalled everything, started from scratch.
11. Reinstalled WINDOWS and started from scratch.
12. Reseated the card and rebuilt the PC SEVERAL times.
13. Man, more stuff but I just want to move on with this and get this information out there so someone smarter than me can figure this out.

Sometimes I have issues with my GPU in task manager seemingly using an excessive amount for client server runtime process or desktop windows manager and if I'm doing something like streaming in Discord, I can get some odd spikes in GPU from time to time, like from 5-6% up to 40% for a second or two, then back down. I don't know if these things could be related, but I figure I'll mention them here.

This is my PC build:
Hyte Y60
B650E Taichi MOBO
Ryzen 9 7950x
Zotac 4090 Extreme Airo connected by the riser provided by Hyte Y60 case
64GB G,Skill Trident Z5 RGB
1TB M2 980 pro
NZXT Kraken Cooler

Couple videos showing yall my weird GPU usage:

Attached a log as well. Someone please send help. I'm going crazy over here.


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Mixed Refresh Rates
Color Range
StreamFX Beta?????
Media Sources/Scenes - One or more of these could be causing the spiking
Nvidia Greenscreen Errors

Log is incomplete but you already have enough to work on.....


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I may have figured out a potential fix. Not 100% sure, but it seems like in all these rebuilds and such, I forgot to set the power state in nvidias settings to maximum performance, and since then it seems to be working better. It seemed like my graphics card was fluctuating constantly while under the balanced plan or whatever it was. I will however still look into these things to see if I can clean up any additional rough edges.


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Nothing gained there, just a slighlty larger energy bill & a shorter GPU lifespan.....
I mean... I did this and it worked, so not sure what to tell you. My GPU seems to want to fluctuate a lot when it's set to balanced which causes issues with my stream and gaming at the same time. There are a lot of things with the 4090 that you might not understand unless you own one, but a lot of people are having issues with them and finding that clocking it down helps. There is some weird issue with how it pulls power and it causes lag surges in the PC as it tries to switch back and forth between high and low usage.


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Cool, I just think it's a band-aid. Better to find the source of the spiking.

As far as the 4090 goes, I understand perfectly what's wrong with the 4000 series, that's why I'm still rockin' a 3090.


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I believe I have that all set up correctly, but another issue I'm running into from time to time is my OBS changes how much resources it wants to use to run a scene. For example, my normal scene averages in the 30% range, but sometimes it'll sit in the 40-50% range. I can also do something like boot up obs and move to a blank scene and get 0-1% usage. I can start the stream, and then end it immediately and now my usage is stuck at 11% on a blank scene... wtf?!


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No shot... I think I just fixed that issue by setting CPU priority to above normal... But its my GPU that was spiking... WAT?!