obs 29.1.3

  1. Smae

    OBS Crashing

    Hi there, recently been having problems with OBS while streaming on Twitch. It crashed 3 times within 2 hours of streaming, and also crashed once the day before. Out of nowhere, nothing seeming to link the crashes. :( Here is my most recent bug report...
  2. A

    Microphone noise when I set a synchronisation balance in the audio settings

    Hello, I sync my audio to my camera, but now I have the big problem that I have bad noise in my audio when I set a synchronisation balance in the audio settings. I type in 150 ms. When I set it to 0 there is no noise there. What can I do to fix that problem? How should I sync now my camera with...
  3. M

    Virtual Camera Problems - macOS 14.1 & OBS 29.1.3

    I just updated OBS and the Virtual Camera is no longer working. In Teams ( I see and option titles "Virtual Camera" but when I select it, it only shows a black screen. In Zoom (5.16.2) there is not option for a virtual camera. Before the OBS update, when I has the Virtual Camera...
  4. G

    How to choose downscale filter in OBS 29 when using the same out base and output resolution

    Hello Guys ! How can I choose the downscale filter in OBS 29 when using the same Base and Output resolution in the Video tab ? please, do not just say "there are no filter applied", and bear with me .. :) I am asking this because I want to record in 1080p 60 FPS , and stream to Twitch at 720p...
  5. N

    OBS 29.1.3 missing hardware acceleration for macOS 14.0.1 on AMD GPU

    Yeah this issue only affects Intel Macs. My M1 is totally fine. does anyone know what's going on with the hardware acceleration in the current stable OBS paired with the current stable MacOS??? thanks
  6. LuckyLootTube

    Pure OBS Crash in the middle of the LIVE Stream

    Hello everyone, I am running a digital philanthropic project that is essentially a bi-weekly live event where we share gifts to our viewers while we play LIVE games. Anyhow, if you want to see more details, you can see LuckyLootTube.com , because we are not here to promote our project, we are...
  7. N

    OBS Crashed & Keeps Crashing

    I'm a long-time OBS user who has never had a problem...until now. Last week while I was using OBS it closed on its own. Though I tried repeatedly, I could not get OBS to open: after double clicking the icon, the light for my camera would light up then turn off, & OBS did nothing - no error...
  8. W

    OBS userface not picking up in discord screenshare or display/window capture.

    Hi, Yesterday as I was helping a friend set up their OBS I noticed that discord was no longer picking up OBS on both the application share and the monitor share. After checking out my settings I realized it was OBS causing this issue as when I went to add a display capture on OBS, it picked up...
  9. S

    Only one game capture instance working

    A bit of context: My base canvas resolution is 2560x1440. I would like to stream at 1920x1080 while recording at 2560x1440. At the moment, I'm using two separate OBS instances, one with the output resolution set to 1920x1080 in the video tab. This is because I've heard that rescaling in the...
  10. ramoses

    Python not loading in OBS 29.1.3

    I'm unsure why Python (v. 3.10.9) isn't loading in my OBS Studio (v. 29.1.3) I get "Python no currently loaded" message, so I've restarted OBS yet the message is still there. I've certified that the PATH is correctly set, removed all other PATHS there (only "\AppData\Local\Programs\Python" and...
  11. Mug

    I been having problems with my audio

    Every time I add Application audio capture sources for discord, Spotify, and my game audio, all the sound just cuts out of the video. Likes it's been overloaded or something. I've uninstalled and reinstalled OBS, put audio in different tracks, made sure both my mic and headset were selected...
  12. P

    Odd GPU usage and leaks while on a 4090

    Ever since I built this rig, I have been having issues with my OBS. I don't know if I got some bunk part somewhere or if its software related or what, but I have been ripping my hair out over this for the better part of a month. There have been a few people online who have had similar issues...
  13. E

    my ethernet is spiking

    Hi, can someone explain to me why my ethernet is spiking? Is it normal? I seem to send more than I receive at times. I've been having issues streaming on OBS and my guess is that it's bc of my internet. I'm using an ethernetcable directly from my AiMesh system (ZenWiFi AX) that's also...