Only one game capture instance working


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A bit of context:
My base canvas resolution is 2560x1440. I would like to stream at 1920x1080 while recording at 2560x1440. At the moment, I'm using two separate OBS instances, one with the output resolution set to 1920x1080 in the video tab. This is because I've heard that rescaling in the output tab uses more CPU and has lower quality than downscaling in the video tab.

The game I play has some input latency if I play in windowed mode, so I'd prefer to play fullscreen. However, window capture doesn't work when the game is in fullscreen mode. If I try to use game capture, only one of the OBS instances actually captures the game. I don't want to use desktop capture due to privacy reasons.

A bit of a text wall, but the gist of it is: is there a way for me to play the game in fullscreen while recording and streaming at different resolutions without losing more quality than if I played windowed? I think ideally I'd find a way to make both game capture instances work, but I don't know if that's possible.