OBS userface not picking up in discord screenshare or display/window capture.


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Yesterday as I was helping a friend set up their OBS I noticed that discord was no longer picking up OBS on both the application share and the monitor share. After checking out my settings I realized it was OBS causing this issue as when I went to add a display capture on OBS, it picked up the monitor I had OBS on but did not pick up OBS at ALL. You can however see parts of OBS when I bring the right click menu up. It also does not pick up OBS at all when I do a windows screenshot with WINDOWS + SHIFT + S.

It will also pick up the box when I do a windowed projector (preview) but won't pick up the whole program itself. Is there anyone this has happened to and how did you fix it?

I've attached a video to show how the right click menus come up but you cannot see OBS itself in the recording.