screen recording

  1. R

    Latency Issues during screen recording Valorant

    I have been experiencing latency issues during screen recording Valorant gameplays for VOD reviews I am unable to identify the issue if you could help it would be appreciated.
  2. W

    OBS userface not picking up in discord screenshare or display/window capture.

    Hi, Yesterday as I was helping a friend set up their OBS I noticed that discord was no longer picking up OBS on both the application share and the monitor share. After checking out my settings I realized it was OBS causing this issue as when I went to add a display capture on OBS, it picked up...
  3. O

    Can't screen record on MacOS

    I am running MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 on a macbook air (not sure what year it is) I have uninstalled and reinstalled OBS twice, and it still doesn't appear in the Screen Recording options in system preferences. I can only display capture the OBS window. Can someone please help me with this? (and...
  4. J

    Lost screen recording - Please help

    Hi anyone could guide me on how to recover a live webinar screen recording. I recorded about 30mins recordings out of 2.5 hours of recording this is a log is there a way to get the full recording? 19:29:33.214: ==== Recording Start =============================================== 19:29:33.214...
  5. M

    Recording the audio of only 1 tab alone

    Hello! Is it possible to only record the audio of that one particular tab? For example, I am using Zoom, I just want OBS to record the audio on Zoom and if I will open another tab and play a video, the sound of it won't be included in the screen recording. Can someone teach me if it is possible...
  6. KinanDev

    screen recording

    hi i love OBS and i find that is the best one for screen recording and i use is now all the time to make a video for my youtube channel what i want in the futur that when i make a screen recording i can see how many time i have record and add notation like in this image it is posible to add...
  7. B

    Possible to improve quality when scaling to 1080P from Ultrawide screen capture?

    Good afternoon all! I am writing to see if anyone has a solution to capture higher quality screen recordings when scaling down from an ultrawide monitor to fit a 1080p canvas. I'm on Win 10 x64, with nVidia GeForce 1050TI. I currently have an ultrawide screen 21:9 (2560 x 1080) which I scale...
  8. E

    relentlessly black screen - tried everything

    Hello. I've downloaded OBS for the first time on my new computer. I run Windows 10, so I downloaded the latest version but the screen recording doesn't work in any way. I've followed the guide and made sure I have the right settings for my NVIDIA graphic card, I uninstalled OBS and installed it...
  9. P

    Screen recording gets blurry when zoomed

    Hey there, I am recording my screen but while editing it gets a bit blurry. I am recording a tutorial not a game, so there are not a lot of moving elements on the screen. So in a way, I am asking to record a high-quality recording setting. The following are my settings. I have tried...
  10. S

    [Guide] How to fix OBS not showing up in "Screen Recording" permission tab

    I hope this guide can help you for OBS not showing up in the System Preference -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Screen Recording. The problem might be caused by "System Integrity Protection" being disabled in your computer. In order to enable it, you can check out this guide...