Screen recording gets blurry when zoomed


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Hey there,
I am recording my screen but while editing it gets a bit blurry. I am recording a tutorial not a game, so there are not a lot of moving elements on the screen.

So in a way, I am asking to record a high-quality recording setting.

The following are my settings.
2020-10-25 19_24_29-Window.png

2020-10-25 19_28_05-Window.png

I have tried changing the CPU preset but am not getting improvements in quality. I have set the bitrate to 8000, increasing it just increases the size of the file without any changes to the quality.

I do not have a GPU hence I am using x264, should I change to Quicksing H.264?

Any help in this regard is appreciated.



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Switch from CBR to CQP or CRF. CQP/CRF are image-quality based encoder targets, and will use as much or as little bitrate as needed to maintain a given image quality level. Normally 16 is a very good image quality point, but if you're going to be editing it, going to 12 may be warranted (lower is higher quality, but larger filesizes).

That said, zooming in on any image is going to make it blurry. Pixels don't just appear out of nowhere.


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@FerretBomb Yes, I agree that things will get blurry if zoomed. But am getting a bit unusual results. Meaning if I have recorded my screen in 1920x1080 and I zoom say 50%, the text in the video becomes illegible.