1. P

    Separate recording of screen and participant

    Hello, is it possible in OBS to export the screen recording and the participant recording as separate videos after a recording?
  2. G

    Preview is very small even afther adjusting the settings to match my screen.

    So as you can see the screen i try to capture is very small and in the settings ive my settings like allways. The screen is a application so its the same size as my screen which is 3840-2160. I hope someone can tell me what i do wrong. So please help because i would like to start streaming...
  3. J

    Screen capture & sound

    Hello, I would like to take a screenshot of a number on a web page, and be notified of a sound when it changes. Otherwise it would force me to keep my eyes riveted on the screen and in the long run could get boring quickly. Is that possible ? Thank you in advance for your answers. Have a...
  4. E

    2nd screen not showing in Display Capture's Display List

    well, what the title says. any suggestions or further info needed? edit: when changing the order of the screens it shows both of them, but maybe still an interesting question for the development team
  5. H

    Streaming problem when using OBS

    A couple days ago I tried streaming the dolphin emulator with OBS but as soon as I left the OBS window, it would stop streaming my screen, any help?
  6. P

    Screen recording gets blurry when zoomed

    Hey there, I am recording my screen but while editing it gets a bit blurry. I am recording a tutorial not a game, so there are not a lot of moving elements on the screen. So in a way, I am asking to record a high-quality recording setting. The following are my settings. I have tried...
  7. M

    Minecraft lag

    Hello, I want to become a youtuber, and my dream is 1M subscribers. I started Minecraft, and launched obs. I didn't change any settings. I just plain hit record, and it was smooth gameplay, but when I watched the video, it LAGGED like crazy. My laptop is : intel core i7, 2.60ghz, and 20gb RAM...
  8. E

    Screen capture issues

    I have a problem where the Screen Capture font does not recognize the monitor. I already uninstalled it and installed it again but I can't solve this problem. Has anyone had this problem or know how to solve?
  9. E

    When I am in captured window I see yellow lines on screen.

    I am running OBS. Then selecting window to capture and when I am on this window I see yellow lines. I am sending photo in files. In this screen lines may be hard to see. I showed them with using drawing. Maybe it's any option in settings but I can't find it if it is option. It's really annoing...
  10. O

    My record is black

    I'm setting all of the settings, and my screen becomes black, i can't record anything. Please help me
  11. DalisonCPU

    OBS can't capture my notebook screen

    I already tried everything but I couldn't solve this problem.
  12. I

    Windows Black Screen "BUG"

    Hi, there would be a problem that when I want to start a game recording I only have a black screen! Can you help me with that? I started watching videos on YouTube but it didn’t help.
  13. P

    Broadcasting Xbox gameplay AND iPhone screen simultaneously without 3rd party?

    Hi! this is my first thread and after looking around the forum for a while I think this is the best place to post it.. please correct me if I'm wrong! Please hang with me as I try to explain my question as clearly as I can I have a MacBook on Mojave and PC on Windows 10. I prefer to use the...
  14. T

    Question / Help cant record screen

    my pc cant pick up my drivers so i cant ust any form of screen capture but in streamlabs obs i can capture my screen here is my log i have my drivers updated and i have done a clean driver installation here is a screenshot of gpuz...
  15. A

    Question / Help game capture black screen windows 10 desktop

    game capture black screen windows 10 desktop it doesnt work in capture specific window only full screen window once i was recording some minecraft and once it stopped working for no reason i record 720p60 fps i have tryed all of these and watched most of youtube tutorials also happend before...
  16. R

    Question / Help OBS multiple view - 1st user

    I dont know how to solve my question. As it is possible to see from the enclosed image I have on my screen the same view shown multiple times, but I haven'uderstood why and how to remove. Someone could suggest me what to do? Thanks to all Roberto
  17. M

    Question / Help OBS Playback is blurry and not good enough quality (iMac)

    Hello, my name is Matt. I'm hoping to get some advice regarding OBS and capturing my screen. I'm a music producer and I work in Protools. When recording my screen on OBS the playback is blurry and not great quality. I've played around with a few settings but I'm unable to get it any better and...
  18. F

    Question / Help Grey screen

    Hi, I tried to start my Instagram brodcast with instafeed, but the screen is grey (see the picture below). Why? Thanks for your help
  19. hollowsaibot

    Bug Report Screen Capture with strange effect when many windows opened

    Hi, when I record the screen instead a specific window, this effect happens and it is recorded in the video (meanwhile you as user don't notice). I think it can happens when any window, FilesExplorer, browser, app running on Wine. It is annoying. but I don't know if it is reported or there is...
  20. V


    Hello! I already asked this on a reply on another qustion session, but I'm new here and I apology for the duplicity of the content, but I really need some help here! So, the black screen happened already three times with me, being the third only this week and, this time, it was FATAL! I use...