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    Question / Help OBS Flickers Upon Opening the Program

    As soon as I open the OBS program on my mac the program flickers lines before I can even touch anything. Most forums I've looked at are to do with flickering happening when you start streaming but mine is as soon as I open the program. I have the latest update
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    Question / Help NEED HELP

    Can someone help me pls??? im using the 20.1.0 mac version for obs and i stream rocket league... when its on the 1920x1080 resolution, it stays great in obs but, when i switch to 1280x720 resolution, it crop the screen and i cant see the whole screen game... HELP PLSS
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    Bug Report Minecraft lag when fullscreen

    Hey guys. So whenever I stream/record Minecraft as fullscreen I drop from 300 fps+ to 20 fps for some reason I watched a lot of videos and googles and researched and couldn't find a fix please help I want to stream fullscreen. LOG: