Question / Help Not sure what to call this problem. Pictures attached.


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I installed a new video card today, Nvidia 1050 ti, and the recordings are doing a split screen kinda thing now. Canvas is set to my current monitor settings. Output is similar to what the game says it's running. How can I resolve this issue? The log file said rendering was "Bicubic", that sounded like what was happening here from what I'm seeing, but I have no clue if that's the real problem.


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PIcture was too large to upload. Only 3 mb... but to describe it, it's like you copy pasted the current screen and moved it toward the top right a little bit. Like two recording are happening on top of one another.


You have a Single monitor and have a Display Capture in your scene, what you are seeing is called the Hall of Mirrors effect.

You are capturing yourself capturing OBS, capturing OBS, capturing OBS, to infinity and beyond.

Do not run Display Capture and Game Capture in the same scene, don't have OBS visible when running Display Capture on the same monitor, or disable the Preview if you must have it visible


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Ok thanks, that fixed the double image but now I'm having a new problem. The recording image is shifted to the right, about 20% of the right side is missing and a big blank column border is on the right side. I've tried multiple canvas to output settings but can't seem to get it to capture game full screen without the shifting. I changed in game resolution to match my canvas. Still giving me the same problem.
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