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    Question / Help Questions regarding Bicubic,Lanczos,Look-ahead and Psycho Visual Tuning

    Hi, my base canvas resolution is 2560x1440(2k) and I have for output 1600x900(900p) for Twitch (it´s a FPS game). The other options, are: Downscale filter: Lanczos(should I use better Bicubic?). OUTPUT ========= Encoder: Hardware(NVENC)(new) Rate Control: CBR Bitrate: 6000 Keyframe Interval...
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    Question / Help Not sure what to call this problem. Pictures attached.

    I installed a new video card today, Nvidia 1050 ti, and the recordings are doing a split screen kinda thing now. Canvas is set to my current monitor settings. Output is similar to what the game says it's running. How can I resolve this issue? The log file said rendering was "Bicubic", that...
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    Question / Help Optimal Stream Settings for OBS 1pc Setup

    Hi guys, at first I am a native german speaker so please have that in mind :) At the moment I try to optimize my streaming quality due to an upgraded PC. I am using a single PC Setup: CPU -> Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3,9 GHz GPU -> MSI GTX 1080 RAM -> 16 GB 3200 MHz Corsair Monitor 24" @ 1920x1080 144 Hz...