1. J

    OBS thinks my screens are half the resolution

    HI! I cannot figure out, or find on the internet for that matter, why OBS thinks my resolution is 1/4th of the size. I use screen capture for MAC, and both my screens, the build-in MCP and the Logitech ultrafine have 1/4th of the resolution. Cause I stream chess and don't want to have the board...
  2. J

    Base Canvas resolution: dual stream - Elgato 4k capture card

    Hey there! Thanks in advance for any feedback or support! I have a dual stream set-up Elgato 4k 60 Mk 2 Capture card in the stream PC. Im currently at 2160p resolution at 144 refresh rate on my gaming monitor. The 4k capture software is taking in 2160p 59 fps. In OBS I am working currently...
  3. S

    Resolution on Microsoft Surface 2 tablet

    I'm working with the camera input. The tablet has a screen resolution of 2160x1440. This is 3:2. I can choose this resolution in settings/video but I still have black stripes on top and bottom in full screen mode, looks like 16:9. Any idea how to fix this?
  4. G

    System Specs for streaming and recording at the same time in OBS

    Please what is the minimum PC spec for streaming and recording at the same time in OBS? I stream at 1280x720, a bitrate of 1900kbps, and record at 1920x1080. But I noticed that my video cracks so I changed my recording to 1280x720 at a bitrate of 5000kbps. My system spec is Corei7 4th Gen, 8GB...
  5. D

    Mac screen resolution

    Hello, I have an iMac 5k retina. When I record the screen I get all the image blurred. I want to screen record my application at the best result. I tried few setting on video preferences but didn't get any result. can you give me any advice on what is the best result (having a moderate normal...
  6. GamerX_

    As a base resolution to use?

    Hi, I play games on native resolution in 4k a I streaming for twitch, what base resolution I must have set in OBS? 2160p or 1080p? I have RTX 4090, possibly any tips for this card?
  7. B

    I cant change the resolution of my switch on obs

    I just got a capture car and plugged it into my computer with my switch but i cant change the resolution to go higher im trying to set it to 1600x900 but thats not a option what do i do?
  8. M

    I need help with my camera

    Hello, I use a logitech c920e camera, I used it to make streams and it was perfect. 60fps, 1920x1080 resolution. But today when I opened the program the camera was not recognized. To my surprise, it was because obs stopped recognizing the 1920x1080 resolution, it only allows me to set the camera...
  9. T

    Auto configuration wizard is too high a resolution how do I make it lower

    Thats the problem. I don't see how to set a custom resolution. 1280 x 720 is too high for the wifi I am using now
  10. A

    Use different video quality settings for different Scenes

    Obviously, there are ways to change the video quality settings globally, but how do I adjust video quality settings per Scene? For example, I would like to have reduced resolution, FPS and overall video quality automatically applied when switching to a different scene and then having those...
  11. K

    Need Help!

    Hello everyone! I have a little (really annoying) problem with my OBS Studio, I recently bought the equipment for streaming and I play on a Xbox series S that I connect on a Mac mini with the capture card I just bought (model : Mirabox ARX 320) But when I connect the Xbox and the screen with it...
  12. P

    Is it ACTUALLY better to use my desktop resolution as a base canvas size?

    I mean this as more of like a technical question... not just like a... once upon a time in a YouTube video some guy said said always use my desktop resolution so that's the end solution. I have a 3440x1440 ultrawide monitor, but I basically never stream at the 3440x1440 native resolution. I...
  13. A

    Terrible resolution and pink-tinted screen. What to do?

    Hello, i recently moved to Linux and i have lots of problems getting OBS to work. First, the resolution was terrible. Now i get pink-tinted output and basically, everything goes wrong. My specs (Incase there are problems with it): OS: Arch Linux CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1500X GPU: AMD Radeon RX550 4GB...
  14. L

    Recording of Multiple Screen Resolutions

    Hello, I´m new to OBS, can anybody help me please? I would like to record some game that has menu resolution 640x480 but ingame 3D resolution 3440x1440. Is it possible to record the game so that the window with a lower resolution is not displayed in the final video as a small rectangle at the...
  15. T

    Video Output black bars on side

    I've been messing around with OBS for a little while now and just can't seem to get a video recording output to look normal. In my project, the canvas has no black bars, but when I do a display capture I always get black bars on the side and the resolution seems off because the quality is bad of...
  16. M

    Cannot set camera resolution higher than 1024x576 for Sony A6300 camera

    Hello, I am using a Sony Alpha 6300 as a webcam. It is connected via USB to my PC and I'm using the Sony Imaging Edge Webcam software to stream the video to my PC and to OBS. However, for some reason, when I add the camera via "Video Capture Device" in OBS, I cannot change the resolution to...
  17. F

    3840x1080 video shrinked to 1920x1080

    Hi, so I made my canvas 3480x1080 so I can put two 1920x1080 sources side by side and on obs it looks fine but when I open them with vlc media player or premiere pro they look shrinked also here is my log file if you need it
  18. K

    Blurry image when setting Logitech C922 Pro to 1280x720?

    Just upgraded to a Logitech C922 camera because my previous one was stuck at 30fps. I got the new one hooked up and added it as a video capture device. Everything was good so far, running at 60fps but was defaulted to 4:3 for some reason. I went into the properties and set the device's...
  19. A

    Video slowing down, then speeding up (What is my bottleneck?)

    Hi everyone. We've somewhat recently started doing short streams and recording videos. However, all my knowledge on this stuff is based on streaming 8 years ago so it's all a bit scuffed for the time being I guess. Now we have a Logitech Rally camera as a video input. This camera is...
  20. T

    Streaming from 3440x1440

    Hi! I know it's been asked and answered a million times, but I haven't been able to find a solution yet. So, I have a beautiful 3440x1440 Asus ROG monitor, and I would like to live stream. And it works with the suggested settings(keep base(canvas) resolution at 3440x1440 and set output(scaled)...