1. J

    Can't match program size to screen

    I can't seem to match my base resolution to my full iMac screen, I get black bars around the extra space in the recorded video and in the program display. My iMac's display resolution is set to 2560x1440, which matches my base resolution and output resolution in OBS. What am I doing wrong? I...
  2. T

    Recording video settings wont go past 720p or 30FPS

    Hi, so im fairly new to this. Im trying to record with my output resolution at 1080p but it caps at 720p and then my common FPS values drop down only goes up to 30fps, everything below that it wont let me select it. Im just trying to change my output settings to 1080p at 60fps. 19:37:20.226...
  3. Nordithen

    No option for Base Canvas Resolution above 1080p

    I am using a 1440p monitor, and am running it at 1440p 120Hz. When I add it as a Display Capture, its resolution shows as 2560x1440p as expected. However, when I attempt to set my recording resolution to 1440p, the only 3 options I am given for the Base (Canvas) Resolution are 1707x960 1920x1080...
  4. C

    Output resolution help

    Hello! Looking for some help with output resolution. For some reason even though I have output canvas set to 720p and base set to my monitor resolution of 1080p, my stream is being locked at 480p on twitch. Any idea why this might be? Thank you in advance!
  5. T

    Screen Resolution Not Fitting to OBS?

    I've recently tried to record/stream using OBS, and whenever there's always a bit of black space at the top and bottom of my screen. I've also recently got this new laptop and hooked it up to a 27-inch monitor. The native resolution of the monitor is 2560 × 1440, but when I set that as the base...
  6. B

    Window To Large for Portrait Monitor Display

    Seems Silly, but I run my OBS on a Portrait Display Monitor and my problem is that the wind doesn't fit to it properly on a 1080x1920 Display. Is there a way to get that to snap to the boundaries properly or a way to reduce the window size of OBS fit proportionately to the monitor itself. as it...
  7. H

    How to check resolution of image coming into OBS?

    How can I check the actual resolution of the image coming into OBS? I have an external camera that should be 1080p but it looks the same or worse than the (Built In) HD Camera MBP which is 720. I also have two HDMI capture cards bringing in an image from another computer. How do I confirm...
  8. W

    increasing webcam resolution

    Hello, I have a USB webcam. I can use OBS to record video from it up to 640x480. If I select any of the higher resolution options (1280x720, 1920x1080, 2592x1944) the webcam feed is basically static in the preview, and in any recording. Can I fix this in some way, or is it just the limitation...
  9. W

    Questions about downscaling 1440p source to 720p to avoid blocking, as part of a larger (~900p) canvas

    Sorry if the title's kinda word salad; I'm trying to express an idea for a niche scenario that I probably misunderstand in some way or another. Here's where I'm coming from: - As far as I know, it's recommended that your base / canvas be the same resolution as your main monitor, though this...
  10. J

    Choose desire variant from Master Playlist URL

    Hi. I stream from OBS to YouTube the live signal from an Open TV channel of my country. I stream on 720p using the URL of the streaming I get from the live player of the website of the TV channel. Lately I discover that that my OBS is choosing only the 480p resolution from the Master Playlist...
  11. D

    1440x1080 can't be strech to 16:9 1920x1080?

    hello guys i play cs go on 1440x1080 and i can't strech on OBS to full screen i have black on right side , i try with right click>Transform>strech to sreen(not working) i try same res 1440x1080 at Output(scaled) resolution same black bar. i try different resolutions and nothing changed, it only...
  12. G

    Why are videos so vide? Please, help!

    Video I got settings from: Screen res: 1280x1024 Canvas (Base) Res: 1280x960 because window doesn't fit perfectly and I don't know how to view it's aspect ratio My day is so ruined, please, help because nobody wants to! Video that is too wide...
  13. E

    Low quality streams/ recordings

    Got a quick question, I got a i5 7500 with an RX 580 with sufficient ram and such but my recordings and streams are either terrible quality or dropping frames like crazy, what’s the bottleneck here? Before you immediately claim “i5 bad” it was a pretty decent quad core i5 when purchased I try...
  14. R

    Setting recommendations

    Hi hopefully someone can help, or hopefully im in the right place. I have been looking for some feedback on what would be the best optimal settings for highest quality videos while recording. I have gotten mixed responses from some friends that my build was outdated or that my build was still...
  15. gyrodos

    Recording second monitor with higher resolution

    My laptop I am using to to record my second monitor in 1080p still gives a blurry image even after I put the base canvas and output as 1080p
  16. R

    Question / Help OBS transmitting 2 separate feeds, with 2 separate resolutions

    So, I am new to using OBS, and trying to setup my stream I had encountered the issue people had with the small window on the stream mentioned here: I fixed this by setting my...
  17. A

    Question / Help Stream PS1 with Elgato HD60S/OBS Settings

    Hello! I have just started my own Twitch account where I will stream some PlayStation One gaming sessions. My setup is as follows: Setup: - Original PS1 console (PAL/Europe) - CRT TV - AV/HDMI Adapter - Elgato HD60S Capture Card - PC with OBS installed I have tried out some different types of...
  18. D

    Question / Help Black Bars Around Video Capture Resolution Challenge (Canon, CamLink, OBS)

    Hi Team! I have an issue with my Video Capture Device source. I am using a Canon M50 EOS camera at 16:9 ratio and filming 1080p 30fps. Using Elgato 4k Cam Link. In OBS Video setting I have Base/Output resolution at 1920x1080. I can't get rid of these black bars, any help? I could have...
  19. K

    Question / Help Is Rescale Output applied after or before encoding?

    Hi! I would like to use OBS for recording and streaming. Under video tab I have setted up my full resolution (1080p) and then created presets under Output for streaming and recording. The question is: Is Rescale Outpout under Outpout > Streaming applied before or after encoding? I want to stream...
  20. M

    Question / Help Please Help! XAVC S HD

    Hello beautiful people! I have recorded a video through OBS with a Sony Alpha 6300. the camera settings were on format XAVC S HD and i realized just after the shooting that the video saved by OBS was in HD format and that's why now the recording jerks all the time. Could anyone here tell me if...