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    Layer effect from Premiere Pro in OBS

    Hi, First of all i'm sorry if my english is bad. I would like to know, if that could be possible ton apply a layer effet from premiere pro directly on my OBS. For exemple : I create a layer of effect in Premiere, like something who change the colour (but that would be smthg more interesting...
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    OBS Python Scripted text 1.0.0

    Scripted text Create one hotkey with scripted text + sound For windows install [python3.6] 64 or 32 bit depending on your OBS Usage Create text source. - Optionally create media source - Optionally create layer source - Open Tools>Scripts - select this script - set settings for it, change...
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    Question / Help Not sure what to call this problem. Pictures attached.

    I installed a new video card today, Nvidia 1050 ti, and the recordings are doing a split screen kinda thing now. Canvas is set to my current monitor settings. Output is similar to what the game says it's running. How can I resolve this issue? The log file said rendering was "Bicubic", that...