Stream freezing every 3 seconds


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Recently I've been going through big problems streaming on Twitch using OBS. I've been doing live for 1 year and a half and all of a sudden since the beginning of February, all the games I usually stream have become impossible because the stream crashes every 2 seconds. The screen freezes as if it were at 1 frame per second, but the audio from both my microphone and the game remains perfect, without any problem. I really don't know what else to do, I stream all games in windowed mode and at the lowest resolution, but without any update, just overnight it became impossible to stream. I've already checked all driver updates.


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first downgrade OBS

19:23:21.796: WASAPI: Device '{}.{22f9363f-99f5-464d-9b27-232602234687}' failed to start
19:23:24.798: WASAPI: Device '{}.{22f9363f-99f5-464d-9b27-232602234687}' failed to start
19:23:27.798: WASAPI: Device '{}.{22f9363f-99f5-464d-9b27-232602234687}' failed to start
19:23:30.799: WASAPI: Device '{}.{22f9363f-99f5-464d-9b27-232602234687}' failed to start
19:23:33.799: WASAPI: Device '{}.{22f9363f-99f5-464d-9b27-232602234687}' failed to start
anything working wrong with your audio device !

try start obs as admin

try 30 fps