Recording the audio of only 1 tab alone


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Hello! Is it possible to only record the audio of that one particular tab? For example, I am using Zoom, I just want OBS to record the audio on Zoom and if I will open another tab and play a video, the sound of it won't be included in the screen recording. Can someone teach me if it is possible, thank you!


You would have to split the audio, either by software such as Voicemeeter, or maybe Steelseries new GG software.
Or by using a plugin. I think Eposvox did a video on how to split audio sources internally within OBS, otherwise there is Gaming Careers video on it which seems to work pretty well.


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It seems you want to separate audio from different tabs within your browser, i.e. Chrome or Firefox. I don't know Firefox, but with Chrome not possible. Chrome outputs its audio funneled through one audio device with no chance to separate different tabs or windows. You can try to use different browsers. i.e. Chrome for Zoom and capture Chrome's audio and play your video with Firefox and handle the Firefox audio separately.
For application specific audio capture, see this plugin: