need help please

  1. B

    podcast Equipment help plz

    I have gotten this bundle - Podcast Equipment Bundle, BM-800 Recording Studio Package with Voice Changer, Live Sound Card - Audio Interface for Laptop Computer Vlog Living Broadcast Live Streaming YouTube TikTok (AM100-V8) that you can find on amazon (i got though a dif means though)...
  2. JenHam

    My youtube chatbox flickers for a second and then disappear

    So i've been streaming in youtube for a while and my chatbox popout that i linked to my "browser" in OBS always works but recently, it just flickers (as shown) and disappear completely. This only happen recently and i have absolutely zero clue what happen and the log says nothing about it...
  3. M

    Recording the audio of only 1 tab alone

    Hello! Is it possible to only record the audio of that one particular tab? For example, I am using Zoom, I just want OBS to record the audio on Zoom and if I will open another tab and play a video, the sound of it won't be included in the screen recording. Can someone teach me if it is possible...
  4. L

    Terrible quality when recording in 1920x1080 while playing in 3840x2160

    Hi, I play league of legends with a 3840x2160 resolution (borderless) however, I'd like to record video in 1920x1080. So far I've tried to do so by setting the Base Canvas Resolution to 3840x2160 and the Output Scaled Resolution to 1920x1080, the problem is that the quality is terrible, to the...
  5. W

    Recordings lagging

    Hi so I'm new to OBS and I've noticed my recordings have become really laggy when I watch them back to the point where I am completely unable to use the footage :/ this really sucks and wastes time so if anyone could help I would be so appreciative, I'm mainly recording the sims 4 which I know...