How to choose downscale filter in OBS 29 when using the same out base and output resolution


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Hello Guys !

How can I choose the downscale filter in OBS 29 when using the same Base and Output resolution in the Video tab ?
please, do not just say "there are no filter applied", and bear with me .. :)

I am asking this because I want to record in 1080p 60 FPS , and stream to Twitch at 720p 60 FPS
Until now, I have streamed to Twitch to 1080p60fps but after some research it seems the 6000 bitrate would not be sufficient and would cause some issues, therefore I want to downscale the stream to 720p60fps, but still record and use the replay buffer at 1080p60fps
Basically, I want to make sure to use bicubic downscale filter, while downscale the stream output only.

Here are a couple other forum threads that led me to this conclusion, in case this may help:

My spec:
OBS 29.1.3 64 bit for Apple Silicon
Mac Mini M2 Pro
Mac OS 14.0 Sonoma

so I have this in settings :
base resolution : 1920 x 1080​
Output resolution : 1920 x 1080​
Downscale filter : i can't choose anything I have a message : "resolution match, no downscaling required"
FPS : 60​

audio encoder : Core Audio AAC​
Video encoder : Apple VT H264 hardware encoder​
Recale Output : CHECKED | 1280 x 720​
Encoder settings
Rate control : CBR​
Bitrate : 5000 Kbps​
Keyframe int. : 2s​
Profile : high​
B-frame = yes​
Format : fragmented MP4​
Video Encoder : Apple VT HEVC Hardware Encoder​
Audio Encoder : CoreAudio AAC​
Rescale Output : UN-CHECKED | 1920 x 1080​
Encoder Settings
Rate control : CBR​
Bitrate : 10000 Kbps​
Keyframe int. : 1s​
Profile : main​
B-frame = yes​

So my stream is indeed going in 720p and my recordings are in 1080p , but I could not find how to select which downscale filter to apply to my streaming output...

Hope someone can help !
Thanks in advance !

EDIT: if I placed this post in the wrong section , please move my post to the appropriate section , thank you !


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