Which downscale filter to use?


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Use case: typically gaming
Specs: not relevant, this is the OBS setup for the most capable machines
Trying to figure out wether to use Bicubic vs Lanczos, heard that Lanczos is just unnecessary stress on the system but it has a higher sample count (not going to pretend I know what that means) which one yields better quality, that is the only concern


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The processing load difference between bicubic and lanczos is negligible on any hardware that isn't a complete potato with no business even trying to livestream. Ignore the performance delta as it's unspeakably tiny.

Normally bicubic is recommended. It's a standard rescale and provides good quality.
Lanczos is more of a personal-preference/situational thing; it's normally used for face-cams and other real-life video... it does have a higher sampling count, and OBS' implementation includes a sharpen pass; good for real video, not so much for synthetic video (like gameplay) where you may get some minor over-sharpen artifacting (like halo effects in solid color blocks). But you likely won't even notice unless you're specifically looking for it.

Default: bicubic (especially for full-frame downscales)
Face-cam: right-click, Scale Filtering, Lanczos