1. P

    Odd GPU usage and leaks while on a 4090

    Ever since I built this rig, I have been having issues with my OBS. I don't know if I got some bunk part somewhere or if its software related or what, but I have been ripping my hair out over this for the better part of a month. There have been a few people online who have had similar issues...
  2. VicariousNick

    OBS Studio Using 60% of 4090 GPU while IDLE

    Alright...I've spent over 8 hours today troubleshooting this and I cannot for the life of me fix it. Any suggestions would be welcome. But I will warn you that I have tried just about EVERYTHING to lower the GPU usage with no luck. For some reason just sitting IDLE (not even running a game. No...
  3. Y

    4090/13900k build crashing on streams at 1080p

    Hello! I premise that I recently upgraded from a very modest build to this very strong one because of my job. Since now i have the chance to, i also thought of trying to stream Dead Space on Twitch at 1920x1080 and it kept crashing on me, or making OBS lag. All of this even after turning all...
  4. BinaryBunny

    Best settings for my specs? Currently getting encoder overloaded with a 4090

    I'm currently running a 4k monitor at 144hz, I can overclock it to 165hz. GPU: 4090 CPU: 3700x I've tried recording Call of Duty: Cold War at 4k, 144 and 165 FPS, but I keep getting Encoding Overload, both with Nvidia AV1, HEVC and H.264 even if I try CBR 2500 Kbps. Av01 will work every now...