Best settings for my specs? Currently getting encoder overloaded with a 4090


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I'm currently running a 4k monitor at 144hz, I can overclock it to 165hz.
GPU: 4090
CPU: 3700x

I've tried recording Call of Duty: Cold War at 4k, 144 and 165 FPS, but I keep getting Encoding Overload, both with Nvidia AV1, HEVC and H.264
even if I try CBR 2500 Kbps.

Av01 will work every now and then but the adobe editing suite won't allow for me to edit the clips using videos that have used that encoder.

The game is running at well over 200fps, the GPU and CPU are never at more than 40% even when recording

As of right now it's skipping a lot of frames, and I'm getting the encoding overload message.
I want to record at 144+ because of when I edit slow-mo clips it looks better.

What would be the best settings for me?


The encoder just can't handle it. You have to sacrifice something. Switch to the P4 preset, but I think this will not be enough. It is best to reduce the fps when recording by 60


I also have the issue with overload. I run some game easily in 4k 60fps, but the recording is just a slideshow. Only way is to actually reduce fps to 30 which is not an option. I use Ryzen 9-5900X 12x3,7GHz ,16 GB RAM, RTX 3060.
It drops like 20-25% of the frames :(
Go back to NVENC, it's more productive. Just lower the preset. I can record in 4K 60 fps without problems on the P4 preset, on the P5 the encoder is loaded by 95-100%.

H.265/HEVC provides slightly better performance and quality. I prefer H.264 for better compatibility when working with files in a video editor.
You can also switch to CBR/VBR if you want to control the file size. With CQP you get excellent quality, but the video can be tens of gigabytes.
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Thank you, brother, your settings work perfectly, you're a life-saver :)
I can handle big files, and the quality is just as I need it.