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  1. S

    not seeing XRGB option for my camera

    i saw that the best color format in obs for my camera was XRGB but i don't have an option for it, is this a bug? i only see I420, NV12,YUY2 if XRGB is not a thing anymore which one should i use for the best quality, btw i have a canon m50 connected through el gato 4k link. any help would be...
  2. Itswierd

    Plugins are not loading on orangepi 5 (ubuntu 20.04 focal)

    Hello i tried open my obs using plugins but the plugins are not loading OBS Version: OBS 25.0.3+dfsg1-2 (linux) Plugins: - dynamic-delay - move-transition - obs-linuxbrowser - obs-shaderfilter - obs-transitions - shaderfilter - spectralizer - StreamFX - tuna the error is: warning: Failed to...
  3. D

    High GPU usage. Constantly sitting over 40% just at idle.

    Hey everyone, I am currently struggling to get anywhere with this OBS issue. I have tried googling and spending hours on the forums with no avail. I would be forever grateful for some guidance. My issue seems to be that the general usage for OBS seems to be very high. I am sitting at about 40%...
  4. A

    obs crashes during streaming and recording after last update

    i think the title is self-explanatory, sadly i can't really identify the problem due to a lack of general knowledge but i've attached the last 3 general logs and crash-logs. to make it short: obs behaves like usual, no interface problems and / or troubles during the set-up of the video/stream...
  5. OmegaReaper

    How to fix your lagged video quality (Low End PC's Read This)

    So I was thinking a few days ago, A lot of my pals were talking about how buggy and low end the quality of their video was. And I thought I would just spit out the best settings for OBS. 1. Make sure your encoder is QuickSync. My god, what are you thinking to do without this? Just turn it on, It...