Mini Dv Camcorder to Digital (JVC DVF11U) Audio Problem (Choppy Sound)


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Hi, I am using my camcorder to record videos off of my Mini DV tapes. When transferring my tapes to digital, I use an Easy Cap AV to USB cable. This allows "AV 2.0" to come up on OBS studio which produces the video capture from the device perfectly. However, the Audio when I record straight from the camcorder through the EasyCap USB comes out very glitchy/buffery/with a choppy sound. Similar to the beginning of this video: This may be to do with the Easy Cap being a bad processor for audio or maybe I need to change some sample settings? The video comes out perfect without any staggering or buffering but the audio isn't working properly. It sounds awful, please if anyone is able to shed some light on this, please help!...