audio buffering

  1. N

    Audio cuts out at approx. 50 - 60 mins. Record and stream

    Hi, I'm using OBS to stream and record DJ sets using Rekordbox and a DDJ-FLX4. the FLX4 is outputting audio to Master + Blackhole (2 ch., virtual sound card) so the headphone feed is not picked up by OBS. Everything's working, except the audio cuts out while recording at around the 50 - 60...
  2. O

    Audio Crackling/Choppy Suddenly

    I was changeng settings in OBS, and then suddenly the mic adio is crackly/choppy. How can I troubleshoot this furthur? I have done everything I could think of.
  3. I


    I really really need some helpful information so that I can solve this audio issue. I'm using a spank brand new MV7 Shure Podcast USB mic and im plugging the USB directly into my USB port on my HP OMEN gaming laptop. While I'm LIVESTREAMING everything seems good but the audio goes flat (sounds...
  4. G

    Frequent audio buffering: how to prevent, or reset audio buffer?

    During almost every streaming session, at least one of my audio sources go out sync with the video. I check my log ( and I see messages like "adding [x] milliseconds of audio buffering, total audio buffering is now [x] milliseconds." I'm using...
  5. W

    How to Fix Max Audio/Video Buffering & Cutting Out!

    Log file here: I was playing a game, and the video quality was good, but it occasionally buffered. Log says .2% GPU overload and rendering lag, which is likely the cause. My audio also occasionally buffered, likely due to max audio buffering. I do...
  6. moodboosted

    Max Audio Buffering Log file above: I currently stream on twitch and within 1 hour to an hour and a half i face audio buffering issues on various sources. This is sometimes on the game im playing, spotify...
  7. 2

    OBS Audio buffering

    So recently my Warzone streams have started to have lots of audio buffering out of no where. It says im not dropping frames or anything like that but when im tabbed into warzone the audio buffering is really bad. Ive posted my log file and looked in the analyser and it says audio buffering due...
  8. N

    Media source not playing audio through desktop audio (monitor and output on)

    It was working just fine before the last update. Now any video files I play are muted no matter what settings I use. The audio shows that it's playing from the source in the audio mixer, but there's no sound and the desktop audio mixer is showing no activity. When analyzing log it shows I have a...
  9. V

    Mini Dv Camcorder to Digital (JVC DVF11U) Audio Problem (Choppy Sound)

    Hi, I am using my camcorder to record videos off of my Mini DV tapes. When transferring my tapes to digital, I use an Easy Cap AV to USB cable. This allows "AV 2.0" to come up on OBS studio which produces the video capture from the device perfectly. However, the Audio when I record straight from...
  10. splatfest

    Capture card audio desync - only fixed by toggling "Audio Buffering"

    Capture card: EVGA XR1 Lite OS: Windows 10 (19043.1889) Log file i got a capture card a while ago, mainly intending to use it to play Nintendo Switch games on my other monitor, and to stream them for friends to watch. when i capture the Switch in OBS, if it's been long enough since i last...
  11. YorVeX

    Pass video and audio multiple times between OBS instances in a robust way? (NDI? Teleport?)

    "Robust" is the important part here, it means that audio and video stays in sync even if there is a short lag in one of the OBS instances. And "staying in sync" mostly (though not exclusively) means "don't produce the infamous 'adding X milliseconds of audio buffering' message", because that's...
  12. D

    Stream Not Working Due To "Max Audio Buffering" Please Help

    For Days now I've been trying to find a solution as to why I keep finding this error in my log. The Error is named "Max Audio Buffering" under the critical tab once you analyze the log. The advice it gives is to check my CPU and close any background programs but those aren't the issues, and the...
  13. Tobonos

    Audio Bug (Max Audio Buffering)

    Hello guys I've got a problem with my OBS stream. My Audio is stuttering for some reason. I analysed my log data and the bot put something in the category "Critical". It was Audio Buffering Can someone help me please?