Media source not playing audio through desktop audio (monitor and output on)


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It was working just fine before the last update. Now any video files I play are muted no matter what settings I use. The audio shows that it's playing from the source in the audio mixer, but there's no sound and the desktop audio mixer is showing no activity. When analyzing log it shows I have a "Max Audio Buffering" error. Any known fixes?


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You need to set to monitor and output in advance audio settings for this source.


Make sure you have set a different output for monitoring in audio settings or you'll going to stream/record 2 times the same audio.
I normally set speakers for output and headset for monitor.


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I have the same problem. I don't know when it started to happen, but it is for years now I can not hear any of my media files from output, from my desktop or headphones, nothing comes out even I tried about everything posted here and other websites... usually they all the same and works for most, but not for me. OBS does see them, records and stream them, but not output!
Any help would be appreciate it. If you need any screenshots from me, please do let me know.

Tomasz Góral

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Every time if you add sound card, connect HDMI cable or connect headphones or bluetooth mic, any element who change sound list - destroy audio monitoring, i must every time check all scenes and all elements in Advanced Audio Properties to switch No monitor and again Monitor and stream.

But last time i found, yes is not elastic solution, i run NDI or Teleport output and run second OBS and get only audio stream, now i can select audio output in second OBS.

Audio elements in OBS sucks.