Forced overlay? (VHS capture newbie)


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To those wiser than I (especially in digitizing VHS tapes):

Newbie to OBS here. In the middle of trying different digitizing methods for hundreds of VHS tapes. Now trying OBS with my Elgato HD 60X and i've noticed the first few seconds features an overlay showing "AV/NTSC" in the upper right corner of the output. Can I disable this? Screenshot example included. Haven't found where in any of the settings on how to disable this

Any advice on which Video Encoder choice would be optimal if I plan to just upload these VHS captures directly to Youtube? X264, X264 low-cpu, Apple H.264? I am using a MBP M1 Pro, 32 GB ram. I am currently using the 1920x1080 preset but with the transform function to squeeze the image to 4:3 (1440x1080) and centered horizontally so I don't have to do this in an NLE. OBS would not let me use the OBS preset for 4K. For recording quality i've chosen High quality, med file size and would like to know if it would be worth choosing "indistinguishable" or "lossless" worthwhile if all i'm doing is uploading to YouTube. My first test i've exported as MKV, but since i'm going to upload directly to Youtube going to try outputting to mp4 so I don't have to do this in my NLE and the site prefers mp4s.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong, any help greatly appreciated. Also willing to pay for a one on one consult for anyone well experienced in capturing VHS tapes for future questions....


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