1. A

    Forced overlay? (VHS capture newbie)

    To those wiser than I (especially in digitizing VHS tapes): Newbie to OBS here. In the middle of trying different digitizing methods for hundreds of VHS tapes. Now trying OBS with my Elgato HD 60X and i've noticed the first few seconds features an overlay showing "AV/NTSC" in the upper right...
  2. T

    How can I change the Pixel Aspect ratio of my recording?

    I'm trying to capture some VHS tapes which have a pixel aspect ratio of 0.9. So even though the source footage is 720x480, the canvas dimensions should be 4:3. From what I can tell, OBS will only let me record 720x480 at an aspect ratio is 3:2, which means square pixels. It causes my footage to...
  3. Inksaar

    VHS to Digital audio.

    I am attempting to convert my family's VHS tapes (birthday parties, ball games, etc) to digital. I bought a Diamond capture device YEARS ago to do this. Before I go any further, here is my setup: Operating System: Windows 10 64x Capture Device: One-Touch Video Converter VC500 by Diamond...