audio problems

  1. P

    Sound problem

    Hello, I'm here to ask you for help for several weeks now, I've been having sound problems on my stream that come up occasionally I can't hear these sound problems but on the stream they are heard and even on the replays. Sometimes it's the discord sound, sometimes the game sound, but never my...
  2. N

    Weird Audio Problem in Live stream

    I live stream once in a week on my YouTube channel I am doing this for past 3 years or so But from last 3 months I am encountering an issue with the audio in my Livestream "Audio Slowly Dies (fades out) at any point in live stream and after that there will be no audio untill I notice it (which...
  3. E

    Capture card audio sounds perfect on my end, but randomly dips in volume on the stream feed

    Hi everyone, I'm streaming a PS4 Pro through an Elgato HD60 S on a ROG Zephyrus in Windows 11. As the title says, the game audio sounds perfect for me, but the stream feed's game audio fades in and out, and I can't tell if it's random or when the game audio gets soft and loud. I've tried so...
  4. J

    VHS to Digital Audio Issues- Audio extremely loud and voices hard to make out

    Hi guys, as per the title, I'm currently transferring my old vhs tapes to digital using OBS, however I'm having audio issues. The audio is coming through, but it's being recorded really loudly (all voices are blaring and kind of jumbled up). I've turned the audio input capture down (this does...
  5. Trunkz

    Rodecaster Pro 2 Duel PC Stream Setup Help?

    Nobody on youtube has a setup for this using Elgato 4K60 Mk2 Capture Card and then OBS to Stream on Twitch. I'm having problems from mic hiss, then no mic hiss but double sounds, just one problem solved only for another to appear... I'm hoping someone out there has theirs set up and can post...
  6. A

    Dj controller + Streamelements OBS

    Hi to All, - from Pioneer Dj controller to input (microphone) Desktop Pc = sound is excellent (tested, with other devices too, no problems with cables) - from Desktop Pc input (microphone) to Desktop Pc (speakers) = sound is excellent (tested, if I plug a DJ headphone, the sound is great) -...
  7. Theagames10

    OBS - All Audio tracks not working

    The last time I opened OBS a few weeks ago, it was working all perfectly, including the audio. Skip to today, and I am getting no audio anywhere, not even my mic will work at all, even though the sounds on my PC are ok, so I know it's OBS that's having problems. I have no clue at what is going...
  8. B

    Obs is telling me my mic is working but it isn't

    Essentially, when I speak into my mic, the audio level goes up in the OBS window, but then when I listen to my stream, nothing can be heard.
  9. G

    Desktop Audio Doesn't Work with OBS Running

    Hello, Everything was working great last week. This week, nothing but issues. I think I have everything else sorted except that I can no longer hear any other desktop audio while OBS is running. This is a problem since I am a music professor. I create my lectures with OBS. I need to be able to...
  10. Vortex115

    Why is my audio so choppy?

    Recently, I have been recording videos and uploading them to my youtube channel. I haven't had any problems with video audio until I released my new videos, in them the audio was always choppy. I'll give you an example. Say I was recording some roblox arsenal gameplay and I was previewing the...
  11. L

    iPhone Audio Issues

    Hey, so I stream Call of Duty: Mobile from my iPhone 7 Plus through OBS on my Macbook Pro 2016, I normally stream via cable through the "Video Capture Device" setting. I understand that OBS reads the iPhone as a webcam w/o a mic. Is there a way around this? Because when I stream, there's no...
  12. J

    Question / Help Audio Problems - Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

    I'm trying to use my Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (2nd Gen) digital-audio interface to get direct audio through OBS for live streaming DJ sets, but I can't get any audio to come thru on the mixer displays in OBS despite configuring my audio source/channel to run audio from the Scarlett. I'm running...
  13. S

    Question / Help Audio echo/cut while camera switching

    Hello! Please someone help me before 19th Jan. On this date I will have a special house party and I want to be sure the livestream will work at his best.. Right now I found out 1 problem, for the rest everything works fine. I use 1 laptop, mixing tracks with Traktor. On this laptop I also do...
  14. B

    Bug Report I cant use my mic

    i plug in my usb device for my mic cos my sound card is rubish. i opned it set all the settings to a youtuber tutorials setting and my mic just wont work im on wondows 10 with a usb pnp sound device and then my turtle beach ear force recon headset plugged into that how do i fix it. plz help
  15. N

    Question / Help Weird noise in the background while talking/streaming

    So usually I tend to stream every now and then and i was setting up the obs on my new PC and I'm using the same headset as before on my last one and i did all of my settings as usual and when i speak/talk i can hear a static/metal sound in the background and i don't know what to do... I was...
  16. D

    Question / Help Severe audio issues, PLEASE help!

    I've been having problematic audio issues with OBS. Were the audio is delayed by roughly 2 seconds consistently. I am not attempting to stream, nor do I intend to. Only to record videos, but this delay, of which I simply CAN'T FIX is killing me. Nothing is working, and I have no idea what caused...
  17. F

    Question / Help Discord Problems

    Trying to record with friends for an upcoming project and I have everything setup for my mic(Blue Snowball iCE) and Discord. When I have my mic and Desktop audio(included with Discord). When I hit record OBS only picks up Discord, it says it picks up my mic but in the recording only Discord...
  18. B

    Question / Help Audio and Video Not Synced During Stream

    Essentially what the title suggests. I recently starting streaming again (osu! is the game for reference), but a few days ago my friends mentioned that there were some audio delay compared to the video. Just yesterday, my friends mentioned the same issue again, but this time the audio was off...
  19. I

    Question / Help Getting Audio bars in Computer mixer as well as OBS, but OBS does not record the audio

    A very strange issue. My audio is not being recorded by OBS, SOMETIMES, even though I'm getting audio bars both in my comp mixer and on OBS. The strangeness is how inconsistent it is. I stream with two audio inputs, one for my mic and one for the game audio. Here is literally what happens to...
  20. C

    Question / Help OBS Says that it's picking up my mic, but when I listen it's not.

    So I'm having the problem of OBS IS INDEED picking up my mic. However, when i listen to the stream or even record it's not pick up. Any advice???