Question / Help Getting Audio bars in Computer mixer as well as OBS, but OBS does not record the audio

Introvert Ant

New Member
A very strange issue.

My audio is not being recorded by OBS, SOMETIMES, even though I'm getting audio bars both in my comp mixer and on OBS. The strangeness is how inconsistent it is.

I stream with two audio inputs, one for my mic and one for the game audio. Here is literally what happens to me every stream setup:

Open OBS
See audio bars for both game and mic audio in OBS
Check and confirm audio bars on computer mixer for both game and mic audio
Do test recording in OBS
Mic audio is not recorded but game audio is
Close and reopen OBS (and change 0 settings)
Recheck audio bars in OBS and my mixer: both are still showing up
Do another test recording in OBS
This time mic audio is recorded but game audio is not!
Repeat 6 more times with various results of either game audio or mic audio not working
Finally get a try where both mic and game audio is being recorded
Hit stream and PRAY that both audio are being recorded this time as I stream

Sometimes, the praying doesn't help and I still don't get both audio recorded after hitting stream.

What is going on? This only seems to have been an issue recently, like the last 1-2 months. I've never had this kind of strange inconsistent issue with OBS.