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I've been having problematic audio issues with OBS. Were the audio is delayed by roughly 2 seconds consistently. I am not attempting to stream, nor do I intend to. Only to record videos, but this delay, of which I simply CAN'T FIX is killing me. Nothing is working, and I have no idea what caused it, and no amount of fiddling the options, looking for fixes on the forums or YT. Has yielded any results, as such I am forced to ask for help to somehow fix this problem.
Any and all assistance would be kindly appreciated...


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Use Game Capture to capture Warcraft III, if possible. If your audio is consistently delayed all the time in recordings, try this:
Some audio devices do not send proper timestamps, and can cause various issues, such as audio desync. Try disabling the device timestamps in OBS by clicking the Gear icon next to your audio source, select Properties, and then uncheck "Use device timestamps."