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Hi all,

Am using OBS to convert some old VHS tapes. I think I have worked out optimal settings (though am still experimenting - that may be another thread for another day!) but am producing very large file sizes that aren't practical for sharing. From the threads I've seen about large file sizes it seems that generally this is to be expected when quality is a priority. I'm thinking that perhaps I can use Handbrake to encode the videos to a smaller file size as a second step? Does this sound like a sensible work flow? Just wondering if anyone may have a better/more efficient solution than this? Thanks.


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Hi there,

Thanks for the reponse. I've tried quite a few different settings now. The one I'm settling on is using standard 720p resolution - 1280 x 720 (I think I am having to then reencode with Handbrake with the YouTube setting to compress the files further). In one of my many test clips, I did try VHS resolution, as suggested on this post (though actually those dimensions 768x576) but I am finding that test clips with these are just slightly choppier than the 1280x720 for whatever reason. It is not significantly worse with 768x576 but it is that bit smoother). Have attached a log file for what I think is generally the optimum settings (I have so many log files from the past few days so am hoping this is the correct one!). File sizes are better but still quite large. Wonder if there are more optimal settings?



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