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  1. D

    2 GPU bug

    Hello! I have two GPUs (0: 2070 S, 1: 1050 Ti). If the primary monitor is one that is connected to GPU 1 and I start OBS then it will render the OBS image. If I start a recording and card 0 is checked to have NVNEC encode the video, card 1 will still perform this task.
  2. Linkachus17

    any GPU Encoder for OBS?

    Hello! i want to know is there any encoder that uses GPU instead of CPU?. because if i use CPU Usage to record games, then it'll lags the game (no matter what settings i use it keep lags) because i am out of CPU Usage (100% CPU Usage). also NVENC is not supported for my GPU. Thank you My specs...
  3. PizzaPeter1998

    Question / Help GPU Not Being Fully Utilised

    Hi there, When streaming the quality of my streams are hit and miss and I am wandering why. I've recently bought a new GPU so I decided to dedicate my old GPU to encoding the stream however, I have found out that when I start streaming the quality of the stream doesn't seem to be that great and...
  4. T

    Question / Help Dual gpu setup

    So I have been running obs and gaming on a water cooled 1070, and it has been running fine, but as new games like apex and subnautica below zero come out, they are putting too much stress on my gpu. (I can play them without recording just fine on the 1070 but I want to record/stream) Recently I...