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So I have been running obs and gaming on a water cooled 1070, and it has been running fine, but as new games like apex and subnautica below zero come out, they are putting too much stress on my gpu. (I can play them without recording just fine on the 1070 but I want to record/stream) Recently I bought a 2060 to use for it to help (the 2060 works on the bulk of the game while the 1070 helps in a different gpu sli), but OBS keeps trying to use the 2060 to encode. Is there a way I could tell it to use the 1070 instead?


Change the "GPU" value in the output tab, NVENC encoder options from 0 to 1
However, note that you will most likely encounter other bottlenecks as the frames has to be copied over the PCIe bus, which requires more bandwidth of both cards. Also you will lose out of all the new NVENC benefits.

Actually using the 2060 for both gaming and encoding will give the best performance overall. NVENC is a dedicated ASIC chip on it's own, and will not put load on the framerate of the game while encoding. Also, the 2060 offers better encoding quality overall than the 1070 on a hardware level.
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