OBS Dropping Frames (without overloaded encoder, or even reecording)


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I have been having a hard time with OBS for a while now, and I hope to fix it here.

I like to play games, and stream them. Im not a very savvy streamer, so I dont know very much about OBS, but I know the basics to using it. My main issue is when I am using OBS along with and graphically intensive application, frames start to drop. What is funny obout this situation, is that even when i am not phisically recording, the cpu usage sits at .4%, and frames still drop. (no overloaed encoder error) Another thing is i am using the x264 encoding, so it should have nothing to do with my gpu, and yet, it seems like they are interconnected. I feel as if the gpu/drivers may be the issue. GPU: rx580 CPU:R52600. canvas rez:1080p Output:720p 60fps Encoder: x264 ultrafast 3000kbps.

Ik amd drivers are shit, and i think that could be a issue, but idk. I could try to ddu my drivers but idk if that would work either. again, the main thing that trips me up is that it lags without recording or overloaded encoder, which tells me it could be mayber the gpu not giving obs enough juice to take in the video.

Anyway, your guess is as good as mine, so i look forward to answering any further questions and providing further info. See yall in the morning :)