no encoder lag

  1. U

    OBS Dropping Frames (without overloaded encoder, or even reecording)

    I have been having a hard time with OBS for a while now, and I hope to fix it here. I like to play games, and stream them. Im not a very savvy streamer, so I dont know very much about OBS, but I know the basics to using it. My main issue is when I am using OBS along with and graphically...
  2. DamageInc

    Question / Help Juddering / Choppy recordings - no encoder lag or skipped frames

    Hi I am recording Warzone using OBS. I am somewhat at my wits end, as I used to record BattleField 4, BattleField 1 and Blackout all fine using OBS on the same rig. I am watching my stats during the recording and I am looking at the logs post recording and at most i might get 0.1% encoding lag...