encoder quality

  1. U

    OBS Dropping Frames (without overloaded encoder, or even reecording)

    I have been having a hard time with OBS for a while now, and I hope to fix it here. I like to play games, and stream them. Im not a very savvy streamer, so I dont know very much about OBS, but I know the basics to using it. My main issue is when I am using OBS along with and graphically...
  2. EposVox

    Ultimate Encoder Quality Analysis 2020 (NVENC vs AMF vs QuickSync vs X264)

    After far too many requests to updated my previous X264 vs NVENC and NVENC vs AMF/VCE videos with newer AMD drivers, I've finally put together what I consider to be the ultimate package of encoder quality comparisons. This is the state of streaming encoders for 2020 and where each stands on a...